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Adoration of the Earth:
A Pre-Playa Performance Party
Saturday, July 29
9pm - after hours.
opera. jazz.
Live performances 9pm - 11pm. DJs after!


Art by: Atussa Love
Installations by: Francois Oudot
The Rite of Spring, a woodwind quintet
Opera by: La Sirena
Jazz performance by: Tremblewick Boog
Acoustic performance by: Justin Seagrave
Dance performance by members of: Post: Ballet
Burlesque by: Sparkles Devine, the Cosmic Magpie
With DJs:
Reba G
Eskimo Brothers

and much much more!
Enter into another world where nature meets art, performance meets primal and the muses are real. Come in your earthiest Playa wear and be serenated by water goddesses, painted in style, and led to dance the moon high into the sky. Performers from all different elements are convening to create a magical pre-playa event like no other to celebrate the coming of The Playa Players Performance of the Rite of Spring at Burning Man 2017.