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Kick It Thursdays
MC Motive
Thursday, July 6
9pm - 2am.
hard dance. hardcore. hardstyle. d+b.
all ages.
$5 advance;
$5 < 10pm;
$10 after.
Main room:

Petting Zoo
DJ E-Light
and open decks


Rick and Morty, games and activities
Kandi Love, the Northkore Collective and PLUR Alliance have come together to bring you the only hard dance weekly in the US! If you are a fan of underground sounds this is the place for you! Whether you are Hardcore Till I Die, a Gabbro, Junglist or just looking for something different we've got you covered. This is definitely not your average club night but a new home for shufflers, flow artists, glovers and all the harder genres of EDM.

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