Sunday, June 4
7pm - 11pm.
gothic. industrial.
all ages.
Performing Live:

Death N Taxes
Mister Girl
Over The Fence

$4 beers all night!
Surf Punk band, Conserve, comes to San Francisco on their California tour. Originating from Hollister, California, their music sound is a mix of Dick Dale surf rock style meets NOFX punk rock. This 3 piece band consisting has been said to sound like "...A stoner version of the Pixies..."

Death N Taxes is an Experimental Punk band from Sonoma County, California. Their style of music has been said to sound like a mix of The Doors meets The Hive. This 4 piece punk band has shared the stage with the Bay Area's very own Plan 9, a Danzig era Misfits tribute band that Danzig himself has said is "...better than the Misfits..."

Not much is known about Mister Girl, and that's the way they like it. Coming from Hemet, California, Mister Girl is a 3 piece Deathrock style band, mixing sounds with a Christian Death meets Orchid influence. Currently on tour to debut their newest demo, they have been known to leave a crowd wanting more.

Over The Fence is an up-and-coming Punk rock band from Cotati, California. The 4 piece band currently plays mostly in Sonoma County but with the band currently in the studio to release their debut album, they are expanding their horizons and showing more exposure into the scene.