Saturday, March 11
9pm - after hours.
disco. house.
$10 limited advance;
$15 after;
$20 day of show.
Music by:

The Go Bang DJs
There's nothing San Franciscans love more than putting on costumes, drinking booze, and dancing. Luckily, there's a Jewish holiday for that. It's called Purim and it's about time everyone (Jews and non-Jews alike) found out how awesome it is.

Purim is basically the Jewish Halloween, and like pretty much every Jewish holiday, the gist is "Someone tried to kill us, they failed, so let's celebrate!!" The biggest difference is that on this particular holiday it's a mitzvah (good deed) to party your face off. Yes really.

We're giving Purim a little bit of that extra San Francisco flavor and we want YOU to come along. Doesn't matter if you're a Jew or not, EVERYONE is welcome. So come out and shake your booty. It's a mitzvah to do so.

We will also be making specialty mini pizzas shaped like hamentashens!