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Clown Party De-Luxe
Friday, May 20
9pm - after hours.

Prince Xist
Vesper Synd
Slater Kinney
The Belles of Whimsy
Shakey Gibson
The Trashkan Marchink Band
DJ Smudge The Klown
This is Clown Party De-Luxe: a party for clowns of all sorts. The funny, juggling kind or the sexy, scary kind. Paint your face and fill your rubber chicken with pop rocks and coke. This party is probably gonna get strange. There will be music, probably, from some kick ass DJs, the Trash Kan Marchink Band, rando horn players, honkers and prankesters. Maybe some traditional clowing from the industry's best jokers and pokers. Did you say clown burlesque? Sure. Done. Also, by going to this, you help support these performers. Actually. Get ready to not be able to unsee a bunch of stuff. This will be a star studded night of fun!

Bring your grandparents.