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The list of Codeword's performers since we re-opened in 2015 is well documented on our calendar. However, there has been a venue at this location since 1988, and I've been making an effort to document the events that happened here before I was running things. This is the list I've been able to construct so far of past events at Covered Wagon Saloon, Annie's Social Club, Cherry Bar and Qi Ultra Lounge.

Clickable links below go to images of the shows' flyers, when we have them. (The originals of many of these flyers adorn the walls of DNA Pizza, our restaurant next door.)

There is a similar archive at DNA Lounge of events that happened there.

If you have any updates or corrections, please let me know!

06 AprDrive By
06 MayR.K.L., Helios Creed
12 MayPennsylvania Mahoney and the Safe Sextet
13 MayVictims Family, Stick Dog
19 MayAmerican Music Club
20 MaySteel Pole Bathtub, Swollen Boss Toad, Warlock Pinchers
26 MayBohemian Luv Jones
27 MayHousewarming Party: House of Wheels, Housecoat Project
30 MayFang, Frontline
03 JunHaunted Garage, Frightwig
04 JunOsgood Slaughter
07 JulKiss Destroyer
29 JulSerial Killers, Lethal Gospel
05 AugSoulside, Operation Ivy, Ped
20 AugEskimo, Baldo Rex, This Very Room
04 SepTragic Mulatto, Caroliner Rainbow
11 SepVerbal Abuse, Crash 'n Burn
07 OctLazy Cowgirls, The Ramonas, Adobe Engines
29 OctPigmy Love Circus, Change, He Ru Raha
30 OctGWAR, Ignition, Osgood Slaughter
01 NovDJ Marvin
02 NovPressure Drop: DJ John Essen
03 NovRecoil, Vomit Launch, Swollen Boss Toad
04 NovPop-o-pies, Systems Collapse, Sink Manhattan
05 NovHells Kitchen, Rough Mix
06 NovJah Big, George and the Wonders
07 NovReggae Night
08 NovDJ Marvin
09 NovPressure Drop: DJ John Essen
10 NovMut Puppies, Papa Wheel, Spinout
11 NovNOFX, The Melvins, Electric Peace
12 NovScreaming Sirens, Bourbon Deluxe, Libido Boys
13 NovBenefit for Xcntrcx: Psychefunkapus, Steel Pole Bathtub, Sentimental Boobs
14 NovReggae Night
15 NovDJ Marvin
16 NovPressure Drop: DJ John Essen
17 NovFurlongs, Blood Circus, Birdkillers
18 NovR.K.L., Die Kreuzen, Speed Racer
19 NovG. G. Allin, Jeff Dahls Band, Whitetrash Debutants
20 NovDayglo Abortions
21 NovReggae Night
22 NovDJ Marvin
23 NovPressure Drop: DJ John Essen
25 NovStunt Cok, Flower Lepards, The Mentors
26 NovHoly Sisters of the Gaga Data, Bardo, Weenie Roast
28 NovReggae Night
29 NovDJ Marvin
30 NovPressure Drop: DJ John Essen
01 DecMudwimmin, Ed Hall
02 DecAll, Stevie Stiletto, Eyeball
03 DecPsychefunkapus, Dot 3, Prison Train
04 DecGlass Eye, Industrial Rain Forest, Mach Turtle
05 DecDJ Marvin
06 DecReggae Night
07 DecPressure Drop: DJ John Essen
08 DecVomit Launch, The Idiots, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
09 DecAmerican Music Club, Birdkillers, Amorphous Head
10 DecEskimo, Terra Incognita, 501 Spanish Verbs
11 DecAngry Samoans, The Koel Family
12 DecDJ Marvin
13 DecReggae Night
14 DecPressure Drop: DJ John Essen
15 DecToxic Shock Showcase: The Hickoids, Jesus Chrysler, Conditionz
16 DecThe Dwarves, DI's, Cactopus
17 DecR.K.L., Big Drill Car, Mood Swing
29 DecThe Melvins, Drive By, Coffee and Donuts
30 DecAdolescents, John Patterson, Sonic Brain Jam, Lifeline, John Thaxton, Grateful Dead Kennedys

05 JanEyeball
06 JanOsgood Slaughter
07 JanL7
12 JanSwollen Boss Toad, Operation Ivy, Mr. T Experience
13 Jan3 Day Stubble, Caroliner Rainbow, World of Pooh
15 JanSpot 1019, Cat Butt
19 JanMudwimmin, Happy World, Mood Swing
20 JanChange
21 JanVictims Family, Steel Pole Bathtub, Inner Anger
26 JanHelios Creed, Wages of Sin, Harm Farm
28 JanZoogz Rift, Bardo, Organ Grinders
29 JanAtomic Gods, M.D.C., Kamala and the Karnivores
10 FebNirvana, The Melvins, Amorphous Head
25 MarL7, S.G.M., Resurrection
02 AprDonner Party, World of Pooh, Sun Giants
22 JunBad Mutha Goose, Nirvana, Spiderbaby
06 JulAzelia Snail, Ringo Ownzz
09 JulLife Sentence, Fuck-Ups, Herb Tarlicks
27 JulVomit Launch, The Idiots, Weenie Roast
30 JulKilldozer, The Melvins
03 AugToxic Reasons
24 AugMom, Glorious Clitorious, Fuck Bubble
30 SepBullet La Volta, Jackson Saints
26 OctMom, Coffin Break, Blow
01 NovLubricated Goat, Junglee (Fuck Bubble)
19 NovSomething Scaley
26 NovHao Core, Caroliner Rainbow
24 DecReverend Horton Heat, The Big Thing
30 DecCrust, The Melvins, The Big Thing, Mudwimmin

07 JanThinking Fellers Union Local 282, World of Pooh, Merchants of the New Bizarre
14 JanNaked Lady Wrestlers, Junglee, The Big Thing
21 JanStory Hour, The Big Thing, The Divine Whore, Raging Adolescent Girls
03 MarThe Grim, Shit Howdy
11 MarGirl Trouble, The Mummies, Guttersluts
18 MarMom, Bedlam Rovers, Clan o' The Crow, Richard McGhee
30 MarThe Grim, Shit Howdy
31 MarDayglo Abortions, The Idiots, Load Levellers, Down in Flames
08 AprThe Melvins, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Icky Boyfriends
15 AprSlovenly, A Subtle Plague, Sachi-ko
20 AprShit Howdy, Organ Grinders, Warlock Pinchers
22 AprUniversal Congress of With The Molecules,Richard McGhee
29 AprWarlock Pinchers, Official Sound of Satan, Shit Howdy, The Organ Grinders
03 MayM.D.C., Green Jello, Jill The Witch
05 MayZen Guerrilla, The Lost Kids, The Almighty Sons of Rock And Roll, Hellfire Choir
06 MayStarvation Army, Greatful Dead Kennedys, Les Is More
18 MayGuttersluts, Raging Adolescent Girls, Virgin Death Squad
20 MayAl & Dave MDC, Barbara Manning, JC Hopkins, Valerie, Tommy Strange, Mike Steelpole, Lisa Palty, Richard McGhee
23 MayShanti Benefit: Neverly Brothers, Mike Steelpole, Valerie Stadler, Tommy Strange, Lisa Patty
27 MayNight Soil Man, Story Hour, The Big Thing
03 JunM.D.C., Green Jello, Jill The Witch
10 JunMudwimmin, Mecca Normal, Trunk
17 JunHelios Creed, Naked Lazy Wrestlers
24 JunCaroliner Rainbow, Sun city Girls, Junglee
01 JulStupid Lounge Music: Mr. T Experience, Guttersluts
02 JulGlam Funk Rast Punk: Doc Martin
03 JulMuffinhead: John Essen
05 JulLoose Grooves
06 JulFamily Function: John Essen
07 JulWorld Dance Jams
08 JulA Subtle Plague, Ed Hall, Cinnamon Girls
18 JulBest of the Bay: "Best SOMA Dance Club"
22 JulWhite Trash Debutantes
29 JulHappy World, Les Is More
24 AugLeather Pills, Scurvy Dogs, Youth Gone Wild
06 SepReggae Dance Party (Every Thursday)
26 SepVictims Family, Toxic Reasons
28 SepKim Nomads
29 SepSarnos
30 SepJoan's Town, Toxic Reasons, Victims Family
02 OctYa Ya Little Man
04 OctTVTV, Hemi
05 OctPunk Rock o Rama
06 OctLucifer's Hammer
07 OctAlcoholocaust
13 OctThe Melvins, Assassins of God
21 OctMX-80 Sound, Big Satan Inc.
02 NovGreen Jello, The Gels
11 NovHoly Rollers, Lifeline
17 NovLocal H, Seven Storey, Injected
18 NovFlipper, Something Scaley, Thrillhammer
25 NovEskimo, Splatter Trio
05 DecVictims Family, Removal, Barfeeders
09 DecShanti Benefit: Barbara Manning, Lisa Patty and her 20 Fingers, Lugnutts
19 DecThe Los Bringdownz, The Easygoings, Steeple Snakes
23 DecBringdownz, The Easygoings, Steeple Snakes
30 DecThe Melvins, Oxbow, Duh

01 JanYa Ya Little Man
06 JanSteel Pole Bathtub, Warlock Pinchers
13 JanM.D.C., The Bedlam Rovers
19 JanLovable Frog
27 JanVictims Family, Blister
08 FebRichard McGee
13 FebFlesheaters, Grateful Dead Kennedys
16 FebYoung Blue Bucks
20 Feblast-sunday Flesheaters
21 FebOldtimers
22 FebJude
24 FebHemi, Naked Lady Wrestlers, The Gits
08 MarSister Midnite
12 MarLes Is More, Something Scaley
16 MarLoveable Frog
17 MarWannabe Texans, Lugnutts
24 Mar509 Cultural Center Benefit: Barbara Manning and the SF Seals, Mingo 2000, Merchants of the New Bizarre
25 MarWayne Thomas
26 MarCaroliner Rainbow, Pluto
29 MarOldtimers
30 MarMerchants of the New Bizarre
31 MarJawbox, Blister, Tommy Strange
06 AprThe Oldtimers
07 AprMX-80, The New Klezmer Trio
08 AprHelios Creed, Daddy's Protein
14 AprHarm Farm, Little My
19 AprDenim TV
20 AprNaked Ape
21 Apr3 Day Stubble, Beach Girls
26 AprLincolns
27 AprRed House Painters
29 AprEnd of the World Part II: DJ LaRue, Fuzz Factor
03 MayRabbit Choir
04 MayS'Yen Omer
05 MayJack Brewer Band, Proj
07 MayMelvins, Blister, Thrillhammer
11 MaySister Midnight
14 MayPoison Whiskey, Mother Lode
17 MayHeads of the Town
19 MayCows, Gels
21 MayWarlock Pinchers, Siam Suzanne
02 JunMudwimmin, The Gits
27 DecK9

01 AprMilky Way: DJ Special K (Every Wednesday)
02 AprDJ Randy Andy Trice
10 AprTeddy Spunko
11 AprTaste No More
14 AprSabot, Ovarian Trolley, The Spell
19 NovMountain Pig
21 NovRick Hatfield
24 NovBob Evans
06 DecCaroliner Rainbow, Zip Code Rapists, Cloiter
10 DecAl Roth
11 DecAl Roth

08 JanElin Jr.
11 JanLovers and Strangers
14 JanStar Pimp, Black Angel Death Song, Morning Champ
15 JanTina Caputo
16 JanTina Caputo
18 JanThe Love Cowboys, The Pods
19 JanBonecrusher, Weeds of Crime
20 JanNight of the Iguana, Easy
23 JanSister Midnight
27 JanTen Bass T, Broun Fellinis
28 JanWhite Trash Debutantes, Tribe 8
19 FebSteel Pole Bathtub
10 MarCake, The Trashwomen, MC Scarlet the Harlot
11 MarNaked Aggression, Firefighters for Christ, The Six and Violence
13 MarJoe Romby
15 MarOomamaboomba, Foam, Dysfunctional Family
16 MarTabitha, Lapse of Luxury
17 Mar27 Devils Joking, Johnny's Problem
18 MarSharkbait, The Leviathan
22 MarCrush, Adickdid
23 MarOxbow, Bultaco
24 MarM.D.C., Malibu Barbi
17 May27 Devils Joking, Johnny's Problem
23 SepTribe 8, Borax
24 SepBike Messenger Ball: Stink
08 DecBabble, Beak, Bakamono
12 DecDJ Pause, DJ Mind Motion, DJ Rolo
14 DecCrank, Master Chin
15 DecHorsey, Swirl Happy

01 FebDrive By
02 MarHorsey, Oats, God Head Silo
03 MarBalibo Barbi, Love Runs Red
08 MarCake, Something Scaley, Cold Cock Trio
09 MarThe Buckets, The Wanderin' Stars
23 MarJ Church, Garden Variety, Buttafuoca
29 MarBonecrusher, Screaming Bloody Marys
06 AprSnowball's Chance In Hell, Drive By
07 AprWise Young Truck, Hand Fulla Flowers
08 AprGrandma's Cookies
09 AprGrandma's Cookies
12 AprButterball, Clatteryak, Halfhead Special
13 AprMommyheads, Granfaloon Bus
14 AprPanda, Marzipan
27 AprSpokepoker
04 MaySpilth, Agnes Moorehead
05 MayKilljoy, Luv Hammer
10 MayBlash, Cara de Nada
11 MaySloth, Pump Mother
12 MayNitre Pid, Liquorball
15 MayMudwimmin, Men's Club, Hankstram, Genuine
19 MayFlower, Jojo
25 MayMultitude of the Soulful, The Joint, Genepool
26 MayComfy Chair, Wolfticket
30 MayBenefit for Haight Ashbury Detox Center: White Trash Debutantes, Slish, Slough Feg
01 JunRed Meat, Cabbage
10 AugChris Von Sneidern, Alison Faith Levy's Orchestra
11 AugBaby Snufkin, MK Ultra
12 AugElin Jr.
13 AugElin Jr.
15 AugBig Steamy, American Sensai
16 AugSun, Blind Tom
17 AugCameltoe, Dizzy Little Death
24 AugFarmgirl, Molehill, Tarnation, Virginia Dare
27 AugLeonard Skynard Cohen
29 AugMason Lane, Electro Betty
30 AugLucky, Spoto
31 AugBelmont Playboys
10 SepRick Hatfield
12 SepNow Festival: Karl Hoerter, Born Naked, Greg Woods Cartel
13 SepPortashrine, JFKFC, Diesel Onion
14 SepCrash Worship
17 SepSteffanos
20 SepDrive By, Witchdoctor
21 SepStar Power, Valerie Stadler, Spanking Violets
23 SepThe Fire Ants
24 SepThe Fire Ants
26 SepRiots of Boredom, Nature's Only Pharmacy
27 SepBunny, Porcelain
28 SepBuckets, New EZ, Devils, Old Joe Clarks
29 SepWalrus, 1000 Mona Lisas
05 OctA Minor Forest, Bakamono
08 OctKatherine Chase
10 OctBreach, Squelch, Chill Factor
11 OctCub, Narvell Felts
20 OctSteel Pole Bathtub, Bomb, Twitch
21 OctHelios Creed, Happy World
31 OctGroovie Ghoulies, The Tommy Knockers
03 NovLSD, The Smears, Ain't
04 NovPop-o-pies, Sink Manhattan
14 NovAgnes Morhead
17 NovTeam Dresch, Cheesecake, Pineapple Princess
18 NovJumbo Trout, Los Cerveceros
19 NovJumbo Trout
20 NovAlice Donut, Housecoat Project
22 NovEbola Soup, Naomi Vice and The Call Girls
25 NovThe Mentors, Flower Lepards
01 DecHorsey, Bottom 12
13 Dec99 Tales, Agnes Morhead

11 JanWinona Ryders
25 JanSupreme Dicks, Azelia Snail
26 JanNew Wave City
27 JanLos Cerveceros
28 JanKaraoke
31 JanAcoustic Tuesday: Slackbone, Pony Interior, Whipped
01 FebRipe, The Nukes
01 MarLunchbox, The Winona Ryders
10 MarVictims Family, Operation Ivy, Speed Racer
15 MarThe Third Sex, D.E.A., Kaya
17 MarHousecoat Project, Bedlam Rovers, Weasel Contingent
22 MarCreeps In Exile, Ain't, Death Card 13, DJ Donna
22 AprOsgood Slaughter, Papa Wheelie
02 MayThe Bishop
06 MayThe Stitches, Suburban Thret, Last In Line
07 MayScream, Melvins, Resurrection
25 JunNOFX, Shit Howdy, Something Scaley
01 JulExtra Fancy, The Grannies
21 SepSteel Pole Bathtub, Neurosis, Christ On Parade
22 SepThe Grannies
23 SepHappy World, Big Drill Car, Papa Wheelie
26 OctMom, Coffin Break, Blow
31 DecNew Wave City

28 JanEnrique, Green Jello, Yeastie Girlz
28 FebTongue Twist 69, Kiss Tackle
28 JunLos Cerveceros, Erik Core
12 JulThe Idiots
19 JulThe Tantrums
08 AugThe Stitches, Modern Machines, Pirx the Pilot, American Pig
20 AugThe Guilty Party, The Deep Throats, Black Ice
27 SepBig Rig Inc.
04 OctThe Milk Duds
08 NovThe Barfeeders
13 NovThird Sex
31 DecNew Wave City

08 JanCritical Mass, Missing Link
30 JanStinky's Peep Show: Grand Opening (Every Thursday)
31 JanShark Chum
06 FebCandyass, Monitors
07 FebCrutch
13 FebStinky's Peep Show: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Heart Attack
20 FebStinky's Peep Show: Engorged With Blood, Superfiends
27 FebStinky's Peep Show: Bimbo Toolshed, The Altaar Boys
14 MarThe White Trash Debutantes
19 MarMonkey, The Vibe Raiders
20 MarStinky's Peep Show: Glamazon
21 MarSlish
27 MarStinky's Peep Show: Mistress Formika, Tribe 8, Chloe Dzubilo
01 AprStinky's Peep Show: Born Naked, Dukes of Hazard, Jism Jeff
03 AprStone Fox
05 AprThe Evaporators, Dukes of Hamburg, The Goods
10 AprGlue
13 AprThe Need
24 AprStinky's Peep Show: Manic Hispanic
29 AprSeaweed, Duh, Filibuster
16 MayAnonymous Beef
25 MayNew Wave City
29 MayStone Fox
30 MayLos Cerveceros, Stellar
05 JunDecal, Atomic Boy
06 JunHammerlock, Piston
12 JunAin't
13 JunThe Faggz, Pop-A-Wheelie
20 JunThe Barfeeders, Rudolph
27 JunThe Loudmouths, Top Heavy
04 JulThe Idiots, New Wave Hookers
11 JulThe Crosstops, Lechers
18 JulThe Altar Boys, Furious Four
25 JulWhite Trash Debutantes, K9
31 JulBand From The Pubs, Thunderchimp
01 AugFaggz, Monster Truck Driver
08 AugThe Loudmouths, The Process
15 AugScreaming Bloody Marys, Suicide King
21 AugHellbillys
22 AugThe Most Chill Slack Mob, Permagrin
29 AugThe Clowns, Super Stooges
31 AugNew Wave City
04 SepCrosstops, Bobbyteens
05 SepCameltoe, The Badasstards
11 SepStinky's Peep Show: Bite, Wicked Leadbelly
12 SepDemonics, Los Cerveceros
18 SepStinky's Peep Show: Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Goober Patrol
25 SepGlamourpussys, Leather Hyman
26 SepThe Idiots, Top Heavy
02 OctPorcelain, Dork
03 OctHammerlock, Violence Jack
16 OctDon't Mean Maybe
17 OctThe Barfeeders
23 OctLimp, Weaklings
30 OctCandyass
31 OctCaptured! By Robots, Hollow
06 NovHammerlock, Slender
07 NovThe Verdicts, Rudolph
13 NovBimbo Toolshed, Sluts For Hire, Plymouth Cock
14 NovMensclub, Stellar
20 NovDemonic, Bay Bombers, Tigger Le Twang
21 NovFurious Four, Odd Numbers
04 DecLaundry, Hetch Hetchy
05 DecDork, Badasstards, Texas Terri and The Stiff Ones
11 DecThe Dragons, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society
12 DecThe Hellbillys, The Barfeeders
18 DecThe Hellbillys, The Barfeeders
31 DecNew Wave City

01 JanStinky's Peep Show: Band From The Pubs, Magnolia Thunderfinger
02 JanAsshole, K9
09 JanThe Idiots, Jack Saints, Mutti's Donkey Show
23 JanIdiots, Oppressed Logic
30 JanStrychnine, Turbo Jurk
06 FebOne Man Army, Goodfellas
11 FebThe Barfeeders, The Crosstops, DJ What's His Fuck
13 FebThe Mutilators, The Verdicts
20 FebNew Wave City
27 FebLost Goat, Portrait of Poverty
04 MarThe Loudmouths, The Cheap Dates, DJ What's His Fuck
05 MarAin't, Lost Goat
06 MarLos Cerveceros, Sui
11 MarOld Grandad, Spaceboy, DJ What's His Fuck
12 MarStinky's Peep Show: Godless Wicked Creeps, The Mutilators, Barnyard Ballers
13 MarBite, Romeo's Dead
18 MarThe Champs, The Readymen, Heavy Johnson Trio, DJ What's His Fuck
19 MarHi-Fives, Evaporators
20 MarWarhorse, Electric Wizard, Lost Goat
25 MarMensclub, Bleed, Los Cerveceros
26 MarHalf Dead and Heartbroken, Dookie Flyswatter
27 MarFamily Scott, The Resineators
29 MarPoontwang, The Neanderdolls
01 AprPantz Noyzee, Stone Vengeance, School Bus Bullies, DJ What's His Fuck
02 AprFalling Sickness, U.S. Bombs
03 AprPlan 9, Bay Bombers
08 AprThe Crosstops, The Process, The Solvents, DJ What's His Fuck
10 AprOld Grandad, Empire of Shit
15 AprStrychnine, Crutch, The Vectors, DJ What's His Fuck
22 AprThe Barfeeders, Saint James Infirmary, Ultra Mafic, DJ What's His Fuck
23 AprStinky's Peep Show: The Demonics, The Dragons
24 AprNew Wave City
26 AprThe Solvents, Piston, Pervs
28 AprWeakling, Impaled, Ominum
01 MayMagnolia Thunderfinger, Bay Bombers
03 MayFabulous Disaster, Binky
06 MayHardknocks, The Automatic, The Lizards, DJ What's His Fuck
07 MayStinky's Peep Show: Rancid Vat, Calvin Krime, Sleby Tigers
08 MayBimbo Toolshed, Cookie
13 MaySpaceboy, Sangre Amado, Nuclear Rabbit, DJ What's His Fuck
15 MayThe Idiots, Erebus
20 May50 Million, Hellworms
21 MayPhantom Rockers
24 MayNew Wave City
26 MayWeakling, Corbus Corax, Michael Moynihan
28 MayThe Workin' Stiffs, The Loudmouths
29 MayKuntry Kunts, Family Scott
30 MayThe Mighty 690
01 JunThe Ray-O-Vacs, Mouthfull, The Communists
03 JunThe Hookers, The Spikes, The Jack Saints
05 JunCameltoe, Freddy The Lip
08 JunCellblock 5, Big Shrimp
10 JunWorkin' Stiffs, United Blood, Impulse Items
12 JunOppressed Logic, Chemical Imbalance, Good Ol' Boys
14 JunSmokejumpers
17 JunBetter Than Your Hand, Liver Polish, Killswitch
21 JunDekonstrukt: Franck H-Bomb, Joe Radio, Form_Virus, Lesion
24 JunOff Da Pigs, Dr. Dre Del, Captured! By Robots
26 JunVegas Preacher, Astrolloyd
30 JunAmber Asylum, Noothgrush, Medication Time
02 JulArmchair Martian, Four Letter Word, Atari's
03 Jul50 Million, Yogurt
05 JulCellblock 5, Piston, Big Shrimp
09 JulLawn Vulchers, Roulettes
10 JulPlan 9, Romeo's Dead
15 JulSaint James Infirmary, The Pants, Creeps On Candy
16 JulStinky's Peep Show: The Bomboras, Hellbillys, Freedom Fighters
17 JulSunless Day, Wett
24 JulCellophane Solution, Deeprest
26 JulDekonstrukt: DJ Jester, Lucretia, Form_Virus, Abnorm
31 JulJack Killed Jill, Throttlefinger
05 AugOld Grandad, Matterhorn, Vlad The Impaler, DJ What's His Fuck
07 AugSuicide King, Strychnine
12 AugThe Unpussies, The Evils, Bleed
14 AugWicked Leadbelly, Simon Stinger
19 AugThe Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, The Shifters, Impulse Items
21 AugTime In Malta, Ex-Fork, Better Than Your Hand
23 AugDekonstrukt: Holocaust Theory, Imperative Reaction, Jugend Staat, Patchworks, Scott Beebe
27 AugStinky's Peep Show: REO Speeddealer, 440 Six-Pack
28 AugThe Idiots, Jack Saints
02 SepMatterhorn, Strychnine, Weak Sauce, The Jack Saints
03 SepStinky's Peep Show: Bimbo Toolshed, Hotbox, Selby Tigers
06 SepNew Wave City
09 SepPantz Noyzee, Deep Throte, Retardo Montalban
10 SepBindle Stiff Family Circus, Phoenix Thunderstone
11 SepDemonics, Hellworms, Anonymous Beef
17 SepDead Bolt, Slender, Spunk
18 SepHotbox, Crosstops
20 SepDekonstrukt: Krisz Klink, Effigy
24 SepEl Diablo, Ain't, Bell
25 SepMelt Banana, Rudolph
30 SepThe Idiots, The Barfeeders, The Heroines, The Civic Minded Five
01 OctThe Crosstops, Wilson Gil and The Wilful Sinners
02 OctThe Resineators, The Blackouts
07 OctHellwurms, Crush, Amanita
08 OctStinky's Peepshow: Fox Twat, Romeo's Dead, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, It's Tigger Time
09 OctNeil Smith and The 52 Pick-Ups, Toxic Narcotic, Impulse Items
12 OctDirtbox
13 OctBurning Witch, Sangre Amado, Noothgrush
15 OctStinky's Peepshow: 440 Six-Pack, Jack Saints, The Bleeders, Suzi Ming
16 OctThe Nads, Shemp
21 OctThe Mullens, Loose Lips, Cheap Dates
22 OctStinky's Peep Show: Miss Guy and the Toilet Boys, Loudmouths, 44s's
23 OctBig Shrimp, Cellblock 5
29 OctDura Delinquent, Phoenix Thunderstone, Fevers
30 OctSwingin' Utters, 440 Six-Pack, Hell Bros.
01 NovDekonstrukt: Gridlock, Neutronic
03 NovGrimple, Pig Iron
04 NovThe Barfeeders, Portrait of Poverty, The Sleestaks
05 NovPG Allin, Napoleon Blown-Aparts
06 NovDr. Awful, K9
09 NovLawn Vultures, Roulettes, Billy Club
11 NovJack Saints, Poontwang, Throttlefinger
12 NovKillswitch, Spitfires, Kickstarter
13 NovStinky's Peep Show: The Dragons, The Weaklings, New Wave Hookers, The Lowdowns
18 NovTurbo Jurk, Liver Polish, Wett
19 NovClowns For Progress, Damnation, Character Builder
20 NovOld Grandad, Portrait of Poverty
23 NovHigh On Fire
25 NovArtimus Pyle, Reina Aveja, Matterhorn
02 DecDystopia, Pig Iron, Bashed Little Monkey
03 DecPoison Idea, Bimbo Toolshed, Hotbox
04 DecThe Loudmouths, The B-Movie Rats, 440 Six-Pack
06 DecDekonstrukt: Krieg, Discharge
09 DecThe Sister Kissers, Romeo's Dead, Curbside
10 DecStinky's Peep Show: Slender, The People, Retardo Montalban
11 DecThe Sick, Macktruck
17 DecStinky's Peep Show: Swarm, Freddy The Lip, Matterhorn
20 DecSatan's Pilgrams, The Flakes
31 DecDead Bolt, The Weaklings, Glamourpussys

03 JanSpazm
06 JanMoral Crux
07 JanThe Workin' Stiffs, The Sick, The Forgotten
08 JanGlen Meadmore, Fabulous Disaster, Dirtbox
10 JanDekonstrukt: Macro, Da5id Din, Franck H-Bomb
14 JanBay Bombers, Demonics, Romeo's Dead
15 JanDr. Know, Damnation, Union 13, The Decline
20 JanRetardo Montalban, Bottom 12, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society
21 JanBand From The Pubs, The Bleeders, The Bulemics
22 JanBlue Period, Bite, Simon Stinger
28 JanLos Infernos, Magnolia Thunderfinger, New Lows
29 JanEngorged With Blood, Retardo Montalban, Dead End Cruisers
02 FebGrimple, Sangre Amado, Ringwurm
03 FebMatterhorn, Croatan, Vlad The Impaler
04 FebPantz Noyzee, Spunk, Glamazon
05 FebKillswitch, Hotbox
07 FebDekonstrukt: Scar Tissue, Imperative Reaction, Calear
08 FebF-Hole, Throttlefinger
09 FebImpaled, Unholy Cadaver, Robed In Exile
10 FebThe Neanderdolls, Poontwang, Amanita
11 FebAmerican Heartbreak, The Nads, The Napoleon Blown-Aparts
12 FebFamily Scott, Hammerlock
14 FebNew Wave City
16 FebImpaled Nazerene, Exhumed, Black Goat
17 FebHellworms, Portrait of Poverty, Impulse Items
18 FebStinky's Peep Show: Oozzies, RC5, Big Shrimp
19 FebHayride to Hell, The Paladins, The Stillmen
23 FebWeakling, Amber Asylum
25 FebStinky's Peep Show: The Pather Burns, The Odd Numbers, The Flakes
26 FebThe Idiots, Oppressed Logic, The Process
01 MarSubincision, Whoremoans, Swerver
02 MarHigh On Fire, Lost Goat, Brocus Helm
03 MarSangre Amado, Croatan, Blessing The Hogs
04 MarBimbo Toolshed, Glenmont Popes, Blazing Haley
05 MarAmanita, The Blackouts
07 MarDekonstrukt: Kim X, Fuschia
09 MarDeadbodieseverywhere, Benumb, Defecreation
10 MarThe Idiots, Hammerlock, Jack Saints
11 MarLos Mex Pistols, Roulettes
16 MarEnslaved, Weakling, The Lord Weird Slough Feg
17 MarThe Oozzies, Strychnine, The Forgotten, Electric Summer, The Process
19 MarCrosstops, Ding Dang
24 MarThe Loudmouths, The Barfeeders, Geri Live
26 MarBracket, Hotbox
31 MarThe Hookers, The Jack Saints, The Snake Charmers
01 AprStinky's Peep Show: The Stitches, The Have Nots, Smogtown
02 AprThe Weaklings, Chickenhawks, New American Mob
05 AprSick Machine, Down Factor
06 AprThe Gault, Ludicra, The Rake
07 AprThe Reducers, The Randumbs, Bloodhag
08 AprKingdom First, Wicked Leadbelly, Clone
09 AprWife Beater, Exit Wound
11 AprDekonstrukt: Sonar, Noisex, Holocaust Theory
12 AprPowerage, Hitch, Glamazon
13 AprSpaceboy, Old Grandad, Gorehounds
14 AprRomeo's Dead, The Process, The Whoremoans
16 AprWhite Trash Debutantes, Simon Stinger
20 AprUsurper, Sadistic Intent, Sangre Amado, Exhumed
22 AprStinky's Peep Show: The Barfeeders, Slender, Enemy You
23 AprNebula, Lost Goat, Men of Porn
28 AprThe Fumes, The Bodies, The Trust Fund Babies
29 AprStinky's Peep Show: Bite, Sparrow's Point, Rocket Queens
30 AprFamily Scott, Ding Dang
03 MayNashville Pussy, Magnolia Thunderfinger, Flush
04 MayDekonstrukt: Decoded Feedback, Aaron Johnston, Jonathan Sharp
05 MayPig Iron, Lure Lok, Impulse Items
07 MayWett, F-Hole
12 MayThe Faggz, Reina Aveja, Old Grandad
13 MayGaza Strippers, Phoenix Thunderstone, Loaded
14 MayStrychnine, The Undisputed Heavy Weight Champions
20 MayU.S. Bombs, Hollywood Hate
21 MayAmerican Heartbreak, Mitchell Bros.
28 MayCameltoe, Shemp
30 MayNew Wave City
01 JunSlough Feg, Brocus Helm, Total Eclipse
02 JunThe Oozzies, Sister Kissers, Quick To Blame
03 JunCandysnatchers, The Weaklings, Weakerthans, Smash Your Face
04 JunSunless Day, Chantigs
08 JunUnholy Cadaver, The Rake
09 JunThe Loudmouths, Pet Peeves, Trust Fund Babies
11 JunPoontwang, STD, Red Triangle
15 JunLost Goat, Chrome Locust, Old Grandad
16 JunThe Bodies, The Family Men, The Randumbs
17 JunGlamourpussys, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, The Beautys
18 JunMXBX, Black Queen
22 JunLudicra, Axium, Spaceboy
23 JunThe Sticklers, The Weird Love Makers
24 JunStinky's Peep Show: The Sick, The Forgotten, The Latchkey Kids
30 JunMatterhorn, All The Answers, The Gods Hate Kansas
01 JulRomeo's Dead, Handfull of Flowers, Magnolia Thunderfinger
02 JulLos Cerveceros, Mouthfull, F-Hole
06 JulPrevail, Black Goat, Ragweed
07 JulThe Bodys, Trust Fund Babies, The Blacks, 3 Out of 4, The Blackouts
08 JulBantam Rooster, The Gimmicks, Zodiac Killers
09 JulThe Weaklings, Deep Eynde, Turbo Jurk
13 JulUndecided, Infestation, Icarus
14 JulBarfeeders, Tongue, Lopez
15 JulAmerican Heartbreak, La Donnas, Bobbyteens
16 JulImpulse Items, The Fire Ants
20 JulBlack Queen, Artimus Pyle, Guillotine
22 JulThe Manscouts of America, Glitter Mini 9
23 JulMatterhorn, Curbside
27 JulHigh On Fire, The Rake, Operator Generator
29 JulStinky's Peep Show: Elitrea, Kali, Princess Special, Fabulous Disaster
30 JulMe First and the Gimme Gimmes, Armagetiton
03 AugStone Vengeance, Total Eclipse, Last Rittes
04 AugArtimus Pyle, You Blows, Last of The Juanitas, Medication Time
05 AugStinky's Peep Show: Demonics, Cellblock 5, Pop Roxx
06 AugThe Troublemakers, The Teeth
10 AugPsypheria, Sons of Chaos, Silvara
11 AugThe Sister Kisser, Romeo's Dead, Eight Buck Experiment, The Little Deaths
12 AugLoudmouths, Black Halos, Catheters
13 AugBlessing The Hogs, Quick To Blame
18 AugJohn The Baker, Fluff Grrl, Skitzo
19 AugBonecrusher, Oozzies, Spitfires
20 AugPoontwang, The Gay Barbarians
26 AugHollywood Hate, The Statics
27 AugMelt Banana, Lacrime
31 AugMorbosidad, Infestation, Knife Thru Head
02 SepRomeo's Dead, Hellbenders, Custom Made Scare, Lucky 13's
03 SepRetardo Montalban, Turbo Jurk
05 SepNew Wave City
07 SepHerbert, Blessing The Hogs, Woodpecker
09 SepStinky's Peep Show: Dr. Know, Liver Polish, Armagetiton
10 SepSunless Day, The Teeth, Macktruck
14 SepDekapitator, Ludicra, Black Queen
23 SepStinky's Peep Show: T.S.O.L., Royal Grand Prix, Ford Pier and Ones Like Him, Dexter Freebish
30 SepStinky's Peep Show: Sparrow's Point, Papa Roach, 401k
05 OctDrawn and Quartered, Ragweed, Silvara
06 OctJohn the Conqueror, Cherry Balants
07 OctStinky's Peep Show: The Loudmouths, Jackie & the Cedrics, The 440s
09 OctNew Wave City
12 OctAcid King, Suplex, Noothgrush
13 OctAlcoholocaust
14 OctStinky's Peep Show: Pulley, The Thumbs, Thorazine
15 OctNickel Bag, Toph One
16 OctBack & Forth: Paus, Syrus
17 OctThe Promised Land
18 OctFright Night
19 OctLucifer's Hammer
21 OctStinky's Peep Show: Stitches, TV Killers, The Snake Charmers, The Baseball Furies
22 OctStinky's Peep Show: The Stains, The Skirts, The B-Movie Rats
28 OctMen of Porn, Vile
02 NovDrawn and Quartered, Ragweed
04 NovTexas Terri and The Stiff Ones, Glamour Pussies, Blue Period
05 NovDogbreath, Ass Baboons of Venus
09 NovTotal Eclipse, Warhorse, Tramontane
11 NovBetty Blowtorch, Retards, Wongs, U.S. Crush
12 NovSmut Peddlers, Fabulous Disaster, Dickie B. Hardy, Worthless
13 NovThe Crosstops, Hayride to Hell, Deadcats
14 NovStinky's Peep Show: Jet Black Crayon, Gresham, Toph One
16 NovFuneral In Berlin, Omewenne, Children With Knives
18 NovCandysnatchers, 440 Six-Pack, Jack Saints
19 NovLazy Cowgirls, Slender, Cellblock 5
20 NovMark Curry, Texacala Jones and her T.J. Hookers
23 NovLudicra, Spaceboy, Brainbloodvolume
25 NovStinky's Peep Show: Real Kids, Loose Lips, The Fiends
26 NovThe Grannies, F-Hole, Gloria's Head
27 NovLawn Vultures, Del Bombers, Young Corbett
30 NovImpaled, Embers, Engorged
03 Dec401k, Sourpuss, Fracas
07 DecHitch, Operator Generator, Blessing The Hogs
12 DecMarky Ramone, The Grannies
16 DecAmerican Heartbreak
17 DecThe Bobbyteens, Del Bombers, The Peeps
18 DecMen of Porn, Drunk Horse
21 DecSlough Feg, Dekapitator
23 DecStinky's Peep Show: The Amazing Embarrassonics, The Sex Presleys
28 DecHerbert, Chia Vajina, 3D House of Beef
30 DecThe Hellworms, Dead Lazlo's Place, Nuclear Rabbit
31 DecNew Wave City

04 JanThirsty For Blood, Sin, The New Plague
06 JanStinky's Peep Show: Trust Fund Babies, The Zodiac Killers, The Reds
07 JanComatoast, The Lab Rats
11 JanBlitzen Hammer, Tamontaine, Stone Vengeance
14 JanBitesize, Secadora
18 JanApocalypse Theatre
19 JanWett, Broken Low, F-Hole, Daywalker, Shotwell
25 JanSpaceboy, The Rake, Sangre Amado
27 JanStinky's Peep Show: The Dickies, The Idiots, Three Years Down
28 JanJojo, Petrol
29 JanThe Dragons, The Weaklings, The Jack Saints, Runaway Sins
03 FebStinky's Peep Show: Hammerlock, The Holy Assassins, The Dagger Debs
04 FebThe Crosstops, Throttlefinger
08 FebThe Crow, Artimus Pyle, Dead and Gone
10 FebRomeo's Dead, Fabulous Disaster, Tuuli
11 FebStrychnine, Matterhorn
15 FebSin, Total Eclipse
17 FebGroovie Ghoulies, Zillionaires, Secretions
18 FebThe Idiots, Our Lady of Napalm
20 FebNew Wave City
22 FebAmber Asylum, The Gault, Unholy Cadaver
29 FebWillow Wisp, Infestation, Ludicra
02 MarStinky's Peep Show: Dead Bolt, The Demonics, The Angoras
03 MarMatterhorn, Cutthroats 09, Murder Takes No Holiday
07 MarBlessing The Hogs
09 MarLost Goat, Fireballs of Freedom, Gimmicks, Valentine Killers
10 MarMex Pistols, The Crosstops, The Hellcaminos
11 MarDrizzoletto, Slender, Reid Paley
14 MarThin Lizzy Tribute, Slough Feg
16 MarThe Real McKenzies, The Skirts
17 MarZeke, The Hookers, Billy Club, Portrait of Poverty
21 MarSons of Chaos, Malediction, Fatal Liquidation
28 MarImpaled, Brainbloodvolume, Deadbodieseverywhere
31 MarRetardo Montalban, The Manscouts of America
01 AprSpitKiss, Sparrow's Point, Raising Cain
04 AprApocalypse Theatre, The Gault, Funeral In Berlin
06 AprInvisible Men, Odd Numbers, Dukes of Hamburg
07 AprAngry Samoans, Bellrays, 440 Six-Pack
09 AprThe Vibrators, The Loudmouths, Romeo's Dead
13 AprSmogtown, Trust Fund Babies, The Trends, Das Boot
14 AprThe Cadillac Tramps, Del Bombers, The New Lows
20 AprThrottlefinger, Holy Assassins, Polly Plush Cats
21 AprTom Jonesing, Barbee Killed Kenn, Jacky Paper
25 AprGoatsnake, Herbert, Gamera
27 AprStreetwalkin' Cheetahs, The Blackouts, The Thumbs
28 AprThe Oozzies, Load Levellers
29 AprMatterhorn, Casanova, Theory of Ruin
05 MayThe Phantom Limbs, Fluff Grrl
11 MayStinky's Peep Show: Magnolia Thunderfinger, X-Girl, The Vaccines, The Hellbenders
12 MayVice Squad, The Oozzies, Mad Parade
19 MayDead and Gone, 400 Blows
20 MayDrunk Horse
26 MayMatterhorn, Civic Minded Five, Faceplant
28 MayNew Wave City
01 JunThe Onyas, Black Kali Ma, Head Sick Mob
02 JunBroken Low, Moneyshot
03 JunThe Fucking Champs, Slaves, Last of The Juanitas
09 JunArtimus Pyle, Totimoshi
15 JunStinky's Peep Show: The Fuzztones, Venus Bleeding, 1-900-The-King
16 JunSecret Agent Shag Show, 10 Foot 5, Project: Piment
17 JunDebriah, Jim Greer, Katy J
23 JunRetardo Montalban, Throttlefinger
29 JunMark Curry, The Excessives, Joe Buck Yourself
30 JunThe Barfeeders, Lopez
04 JulBroken Low, Vengeance Brothers
06 JulDave Vanian and His Phantom Chords, Throw Rag, Deadly Snakes
11 JulTotal Eclipse, Imagika
13 JulStinky's Peep Show: American Heartbreak, Lords of Altamont, The GLG 20s
14 JulPhantom Limbs, Deep Eynde
18 JulLudicra, Asunder, Ehnahre
21 JulDagger Debs, Holy Assassins
27 JulStinky's Peep Show: Dead Bolt, Slender, The God Damn Gentlemen
28 JulThe Idiots, Not In Your Face
01 AugYellow Machine Gun, Impaled, Black Queen
03 AugThe Triple Gang, The Subtractions
04 AugImpulse Items, October Allied
08 AugPevail, Desecrator, Hostility
11 AugThe Oozzies, The Blackouts
15 AugXibalba, Ciribus
17 AugStinky's Peep Show: The GC5, The Invisible Men, The Hard Feelings
18 AugCutthroats 09
22 AugWillow Wisp, The Gault, Artificium Sanguis
25 AugStrychnine, Larry, The Trots
29 AugThe Fucking Champs, Spaceboy, Land of Thin Dimes
31 AugStinky's Peep Show: Drag The River, The East Bay Drifters, PBR Street Gang
01 SepBlackouts, Marc Splitz Freestyle
03 SepNew Wave City
05 SepBenumb, Deadbodieseverywhere, Cattle press, Hemlock
07 SepManscouts of America, Del Cheetah
14 SepThe Oozzies, Portrait of Poverty, The Chasers
15 SepDrunk Horse, Dive Kissers
26 Seppostponed: Dead and Gone, The Gault, Theory of Ruin
28 SepThe Lewd, the Loudmouths
29 SepThe Pattern
03 OctTheory of Ruin, The Gault
04 OctBurmese, Bottledog, Total Shutdown
05 OctBlackouts, The 440s, Deminor
06 OctThrottlefinger, Load Levellers
10 OctBroken Low
13 OctSuicidal Supermarket Trollies, Scurvy Dogs
15 OctBad Posture, Society Dogs, Strychnine, The Idiots
17 OctMatterhorn, Thoery of Ruin, Kill The Messenger
19 OctApocalypse Theatre, Blessing The Hogs, Theory of Ruin
20 OctTotimoshi, Black Queen
24 OctTribes of Neurot, Amber Asylum
26 OctStinky's Peep Show: Slender, Macktruck, The Spits
27 OctVenus Bleeding, Pink Chihuahua
28 OctThe Dickies, Fabulous Disaster, Hell's Belles
31 OctHammers of Misfortune, The Gault, Black Queen, Black Goat, Sangre Amado
02 NovStinky's Peep Show: Bottom, The Dialtones, Uzi Gato
03 NovDead and Gone, Phantom Limbs
04 NovDayglo Abortions, Tongue, The Idiots, South 75
05 NovHeroine Sheiks, Men of Porn, Altamont, Core
09 NovStinky's Peep Show: Phantom Rockers, Plan 9, The Fleshies
10 NovHotbox, Holy Assassins, The Texas Thieves
11 NovThe U.K. Subs, The Oozzies, The Reducers SF, Toxic Narcotic
14 NovInfestation, Corpse Vomit, Promisqus
16 NovStinky's Peep Show: Hank Williams III, 401k, Short Fuses
17 NovStinky's Peep Show: Hank Williams III, Bottom, Phoenix Thunderstone
18 NovThe Gaza Strippers, The Catheters, The Flakes
21 NovYellow Machine Gun, Vulgar Pigeons, Spaceboy
22 NovRed Alert, The Generators
30 NovThe Demonics, The Richmond Sluts, The Super Bees
01 DecMacktruck, The Grannies
02 DecElectric Frankenstein, The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, Three Years Down
03 DecPeter and The Test Tube Babies, The Oozzies
05 DecInsidious, Cruevo, Descending Sorrow
07 DecTSAR American Heartbreak, The Kowalskis, The Flipsides
09 DecSongs For Emma, Pinkos, St. Bushmill's Choir, Black Kali Ma
10 DecAntiseen, Hammerlock, Impulse Items
15 DecThe Holy Kiss
17 DecSongs For Emma, Human Beans, The Fleshies, Haymarket
20 DecRefues
22 DecDing Dang
29 DecCaptured! By Robots, Sir Millard Mulch
30 DecAgent Orange
31 DecMe First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Dragons, Fabulous Disaster

02 JanCapitalist Casualties, Crucial Section, Artimus Pyle
04 JanStinky's Peep Show: The Jack Saints, The Loudmouths, The Almighty Sons of Rock And Roll
05 JanFleshies, The Badcocks, The Endalls
07 JanFlat Earth Benefit: Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, Donald, Western Expansion, Bulk Foodveyor
08 JanHigh On Fire, Spaceboy, Ragweed
11 JanStinky's Peep Show: Dead Bolt, The Zodiac Killers, Teenage Harlots
12 JanEverything Must Go, The Shrinks
19 JanDrunk Horse, Biblical Proof of UFOs
25 JanTexas Terri and The Stiff Ones, Bite, The Holy Assassins
31 JanEinstone
01 FebStinky's Peep Show: Punk Rock Karaoke, The Lewd, AC/D-She
02 FebPBR Street Gang, Three Ball
03 FebCaptured! By Robots, Clone, Hellfire Choir
06 FebThe Phantom Limbs, Pitch Black, Creation is Crucifixion
07 FebRobotgod, Junk Sick Dawn
08 Feb401k, Crosstops, Sourpuss
09 FebRosemarys Billygoat, Fluff Grrl
10 FebJack Saints, The Pattern, Loose Lips
15 FebStinky's Peep Show: The Stitches, Le Shock, The Bodies
16 FebOctober Allied, The Hypocrites
17 FebCandysnatchers, The Loudmouths, Hellbenders
22 FebStinky's Peep Show: Plan 9, The Gimmicks, Cookie
23 FebHoly Assassins, The Whoremoans
24 FebFracas, Hellbillys
25 FebDee Dee Ramone, The Groovie Ghoulies
28 FebPobodys Nerfect, Purse, Daisyhead
01 MarStinky's Peep Show: Real Kids, American Heartbreak, Betty Blowtorch, Barbee Killed Kenn
02 MarArtimus Pyle, Hippis In Flames, Pitch Black
03 MarThe Bobbyteens, The Pinkz, The Invisible Men, The Subtonix, Teenage Harlots, Rock n' Roll Adventure Kids, DJ Toby
05 MarThe Black Halos, Zeke
06 MarSourvein, Cruevo, Brainoil
07 MarHunns with Duane Peters, New Lows, Richmond Sluts
08 MarBlack Kali Ma, Honky, Caustic Resin
09 MarDead and Gone, Sourvein
10 MarVictims Family, The Barfeeders, Resilience
11 MarJJ Nobody and The Regulars, Krypsters
13 MarPsypheria, Vile Descent, Demion
14 MarPreteens, Fitsners, Martin Luther Lennon
16 MarLos Cerveceros, Goofball
17 MarDecry, The Oozzies, 400 Blows, Holy Assassins, The Fake Sleepers, Teenage Harlots
21 MarDrunk Horse, The Bobbyteens, Fleshies, Federation X
22 MarStinky's Peep Show: The Original Sinners, Scared of Chaka, The Beautys
25 MarMojo Apostles, Wire Graffiti, Blood Sugar
28 MarRuins, Spezza Rotto, Controlling Hand, Junk Sick Dawn
30 Mar16, The Load Levellers, The Cheeps
31 MarDayglo Abortions, The Loudmouths, The Load Levellers, Donw In Flames
06 Apr401k, Biblical Proof of UFOs, Moneyshot
08 AprIncantation, Immolation, Goatwhore, Impaled
12 AprBottom, Casanova, Janice Figure, The Backstabbers, Suplecs
13 AprGertrude, Three Back
14 AprEl Dopa, Bottles and Skulls, Our Lady of Napalm, Cruevo
17 AprSpaceboy, Herbert, Argonaut
18 AprMega Mousse, Fear of Sleep, Species Being
19 AprSlender, Hemicuda, The Flipsides
24 AprNoothgrush, Amber Asylum, The Gault
25 AprTree Pistolos, Saddlesores, Tread Asphalt
29 AprMalevolent Creation, Monstrocity
01 MayInsidious, Conqueror Worm, Brainoil
02 MaySolution, Redline
03 MayStinky's Peep Show: The Sick, Portrait of Poverty, Blue Collar Special
04 MayTeenage Harlots, Shutthefuckup
05 MayAlabama Thundrpussy, Suplecs, Dixie Witch, Zen Guerrilla, The Almighty Sons of Rock And Roll, The Lost Kids, Hellfire Choir
06 MayLove Daria, A Zure Haven, Mud SF
09 MayStinky's Peep Show: Vice Squad
10 MayVice Squad, Reducers SF, Enemy You
11 MayThe Barfeeders, The Process
12 MayThe Skulls, The Lewd, Zodiac Killers
13 MayDave Brockie Experience, Crosstops, Don Cikuta
17 MayThe Stitches, The Starvations, The Hatchbacks
18 MayArtimus Pyle, Association Area
21 MayBeerzone, The Oozzies, Oppressed Logic, Youth Gone Wild
24 MayThe Demonics, The Goods, AC/D-She
25 MayLowlife, Quick To Blame
30 MayJim Goad, Skitzo, Shane Bugbee, Mike Diana, Fluff Grrl, Bungworm, Rev. Randall Tin-Ear, The Boone Brothers, Extreme Elvis
31 MayStinky's Peepshow: Hotbox, Moneyshot, Violet Discord
01 JunTexas Thieves, Hookey
02 JunThe Workin' Stiffs, Strychnine, The Put Downs, The Radio Reelers
03 JunAntiseen, Lime Cell, Hammerlock, Turpentine
05 JunAlabama Thunderpussy, Suplecs, Dixie Witch
06 JunTantrums, McAllisters, Real Sippin Whiskies
08 JunThe Phantom Limbs, Captured! By Robots
09 JunCircus Bogus, The Barfeeders, Crosstops, Waldsworth
14 JunStinky's Peepshow: Down in Flames, Skirts, Amrchair Martian
15 JunThree Years Down, Hellfire Choir, Moneyshot
17 JunHudson Falcons, Intrepid A.A.F.
19 JunAnal Cunt, Imapled, Deadbodieseverywhere
20 JunThe Cheeps
21 JunThe Fartz, The Oozzies, The Sick, Welt
23 JunCadillac Tramps
26 JunEl Dopa, Osiva, Ragweed
27 JunThomas DiMuzio, Instagon
28 JunNads, Demonics, The Hangmen
29 JunThe Solvents, October Allied
30 JunPunk Rock Karaoke: Bottles and Skulls
05 JulStinky's Peep Show: The Real McKenzies, The Briefs, Breathe In
06 JulScurvy Dogs, Pitch Black
07 JulSandano, Deskarte Namin, Santero
08 JulSloppy Meateaters, Unsung Zeros, Lemon Yellow, Debris, Tea
10 JulImagika, Vicious Rumors, Christianson
11 JulAngry Amputees, Hell Bros., Two Man Advantage, Gentleman's Club
12 JulStinky's Peepshow: Scared of Chaka, The Cathaders, Ignorance Park, Swing Ding, Amigos, The Blacks
13 JulDeep Eynde, The Holy Kiss
14 JulSpecial Duties, Violent Society, Oppressed Logic, Intrepid A.A.F.
20 JulJack Saints, Family Butcher
21 JulRaw Power, Decry, Idiots, Undisputed Heavy Weight Champions, Lopez
26 JulCaptured! By Robots, Slender, Super Bees
27 JulNubs, Lisafer, The Ghoast
28 JulStinky's Peepshow: Nads, Demonics, Hangmen
29 JulBl'ast, Bimbo Toolshed, Fleshies, Nigel Peppercock
31 JulHail Satan, Multiply
02 AugRichmond Sluts, Radio Reelers, Gentleman Jim and The Lil' Bastards
03 AugCruevo, The Sleeze Band
05 AugStrychnine, Pitch Black, Born Dead, Leather Pills, Dual Diagnosed
09 AugGlamour Pussies, Fabulous Disaster, The Backstabbers
10 AugIdiots, Quick To Blame, Bottles and Skulls
11 AugEl Dopa, Hammers of Misfortune, Weedeaters, Impaled, Pitch Black
16 AugTsar, Hell Bros., The Substitutes
23 AugThe Skulls, The Creepled Dicks, October Allied
30 AugHellfire Choir, Hollywood Hate, Texas Thieves
31 AugNappytyme Junction, Gay Barbarians, Direct Cut To
01 SepAgression, Jack Saints, East Bay Chasers, Pitch Black
07 SepHookie, Depressor
08 SepKnow Nothing Family ZirkusZide Show, Everything Must Go, The Grannies
13 SepStinky's Peep Show: The Radio Reelers, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, The Angry Amputees
14 SepThe Epoxies, 78 RPMs
21 SepResineators, Moat
28 SepKill The Messenger, The Motherscratchers
29 SepThe Oozzies, Bottles and Skulls, Down in Flames, The High and The Mighty, Mykee Hates Life
02 OctStuck On Evil, Knights In Satan's Service, Nigel Peppercock
03 OctU.K. Subs, The Forgotten, Eight Buck Experiment, Three Deuces
04 OctGaza Strippers, The Demons, Supersnazz
06 OctZen Guerrilla, Drunk Horace, Federation X
11 OctRomeo's Dead, The Flipsides, The Nobodys
12 OctFluff Grrl, Angry Amputees, Mutilated Mannequins
13 OctAndre Nickatina, Cityside Crew, Equipto
14 OctThree Bad Jacks, The Spooks, Cruel and Unusual
16 OctSpezza Rotto, Wadsworth, The Mass
18 OctThe Crosstops, Load Levellers, Throw Rag
19 OctSweet Bread, Big Bubba, Urine
20 OctThe Stitches, Neon King Kong, Pretty Girls, Radio Reelers
23 OctSweet Leaf, Barry Manowar
25 OctStinky's Peep Show: The Oozzies, Turbo ACs, Down in Flames, The Tramps
26 OctThe Lewd, The Riffs
30 OctLudicra, Engorged, Morbosidad, Artificium Sanguis
02 NovThe Grannies, Black Furies
03 NovThe Phantom Limbs, The Deep Eynde, Heart of Snow, The Holy Kiss
04 NovCandysnatchers, The Hellbenders
08 NovGrave, Pinhead Circus
09 NovStrychnine, Family Butcher, American Pig
17 NovLocal H
23 NovTotimoshi, Fighting Mutts
24 NovFleshies, Nigel Peppercock, Ex-Fork
27 NovPhantom Limbs, Clone, Artificium Sanguis, Kalibas
30 NovCrosstops, Three Years Down
01 DecChannel 3, Strychnine, Zodiac Killers, Teenage Harlots
04 DecLost Goat, Drunk Horse, Captured! By Robots
05 DecVictims Family, Removal, The Barfeeders
07 DecDing Dang, Giblet Dribblers
08 DecDuane Peters and The Hunns
18 DecIron Vegan
20 DecRubber City Rebels, The Lewd
21 DecScurvy Dogs, Los Federales, The Tramps
23 DecKarla LaVey's First Satanic Church: Black X Mass, Grave Bros., Deluxe, Frank More's Cherotic All-Star Band, Barney the Theremin Wizard, Omnivorous, Rubber-o-Cement, Suzi "L7" Gardner
31 DecMe First and the Gimme Gimmes, Fabulous Disaster, The Dragons

04 JanThe Grannies, The Resistoleros, Texas Thieves, October Allied
08 JanHigh On Fire, Spaceboy, The Hitch
11 JanThe Lucky Stiffs, The Destroyed, Hatecrime Hamilton, The Minorities
12 JanExodus, Cutthroats 09, Dekapitator
15 JanElephant Man, Strong Intention, Ominum
18 JanThe Sick, The Barfeeders, Oozzies, Red Tape
22 JanThe Lord Weird Slough Feg, Brocus Helm, Cold Mourning
25 JanTotimoshi, Fluff Grrl
29 JanSangre Amado, Brainoil
01 FebCaptured! By Robots, Nappytyme Junction, Engineers Against Luxury Cars
02 FebPenis Flytrap, Phantom Limbs, The Lewd, Subtonix
03 FebKarate High School, Forcing Bloom, B-Phase
05 FebVulgar Pigeons, Theory of Ruin, Burmese
06 FebThe Solvents, Lane and The Badass Chicken Bones
08 FebThe Grannies, Three Years Down, The Strange, Black Furies
09 FebPantz Noyzee, Hello Donkey, Scurvy Bastards, Genghis and The Cons
10 FebSixteens, Floating Corpses, Teletypes
12 FebMudslinger, Gamera, Depressor
13 FebPoluka, Lowrise, Pregnant
15 FebPansy Division, Black Kali Ma, Ing, Iamloved
16 FebDragon Lord, Dreams of Damnation, Imagika
17 FebIntrepid A.A.F., Bladder Bladder Bladder, Misguided, Deadfall
19 FebLost Goat, Bongzilla, Acid King
22 FebThe Nubs, Koolie Cat, Goofball
26 FebAnn Boleyn, Vicious Rumors, Machine Called Man
27 FebHail Marys, Psychodelic Wedding, Binky
28 FebShit Out of Luck, Monkey, Dankman Shank
01 MarThe Angry Amputees, Punk Rock Vatos, Everything Must Go, Destroyed
02 MarDora Flood, Tokyo Marine Fire, Birdsaw, Capsule Queen
03 MarMultiply, Drist, Luxt, Paijee
05 MarThe Gault, Bottledog, The Sun
06 MarBig Big Love, Turn Me On Dead Man, Ant Man Bee
07 MarSix Liter, Burner, El Buzzard
08 MarAcid Mother's Temple, Subarachnoid Space, Touched By A Janitor
09 MarMud, Tres Pistoles, Laurence Iconoclast, Rubber Side Down
10 MarEnd of The World
12 MarNigel Peppercock, Bloodhag, Folcaino
13 MarRubymar, Enda, Megababe
14 MarScorched-Earth Policy, Krenshaw, Solid Donkey
15 MarSky Saxon and The Seeds, Richmond Sluts, The Flakes, Okmoniks
17 MarAgression, Strychnine, Oozzies, Reducers SF, Lincolns, American Pig, Chix Pack
19 MarPsypheria, Ragweed
21 MarDead and Gone, 400 Blows, The Gault
23 MarThe Easys, The Lories, Thee Corsairs
26 MarSuplecs, The Men of Porn, Bottom, Halfway To Gone
29 MarKnights In Satan's Service, Sourpuss, The High and The Mighty
30 Mar78 RPMs, The Epoxies, Teenage Harlots, Rock n' Roll Adventure Kids, Copertones, The Ghosts, The Red Barons, DJ Toby
02 AprMorbosidad, Sol Negro
03 AprGet Gun Go, Spitshine Syndicate, The Things, The Divorce
04 AprPlanet Orange, Katie Knipp, Levelhead, U.V.R.
05 AprR.K.L., The Barfeeders, Crosstops, Fracas
06 AprDecry, The Hellbillys, Blown To Bits, The Nubs
07 AprDrunk Horse, Party Time, All Night
09 AprPantz Noyzee
10 AprRed Planet, Captured! By Robots, Geraldine, Once For Kicks
11 AprKaos, Dopesick, 3rd Rail, Wiggium
12 AprRedneck Girlfriend, Jack Saints, Hellfire Choir, Cookie
13 AprThe Inciters, Monkey, The Twi-Lites
16 AprBlessing The Hogs, Playing Enemy, Greenhouse Effect
23 AprPitch Black, Watch Them Die, Lana Dagales
28 AprLeftover Crack, Deadfall, Blown To Bits, S.T.F.U.
30 AprThe Fucking Champs, Ludicra, Lachrymator
01 MayUnjust, Multiply, Killingsworth
02 MayGreenhouse Effect, Floating Goat, Woodshed
03 MayThe Barfeeders, Lopez, The Grannies, Hookie
04 MayBlue Period, Glitter Mini 9, Jet 68, DJ Danny Mack
05 MayTheory of Ruin, Bottledog, Wadsworth
07 MaySons of Chaos, Morbosidad, Mudslinger
08 MayThe Dickies, Down in Flames, Oppressed Logic, Scurvy Dogs
09 MayBrnr, Acid King, Greenlight the Bombers, Below The Sound
10 MayCount Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, No Kill I, Goofball
11 MayRaining In Blood, Exiled, Imagika, Infusion, Frankenshred
12 MayThe Cutters
14 MayOrange Goblin, Alabama Thunderpussy, Drunk Horse
15 MayLast of The Juanitas
16 MayDeville, Impeller, The Hills Have Eyes
17 MayBreathe In, Cutthroats 09, Dopesick, Un I.D.
18 MayThree Years Down, The Phenomenauts, Teenage Harlots, The Down And Dirties, The Things
19 May401k, Hemicuda, Slave Unit, Scorched-Earth Policy
24 MayTarantula Hawk, Subarachnoid Space, Enlecynder
31 MayExtreme Elvis, Violet Dischord, Venus Bleeding, The Solvents
01 JunMoonlife
02 JunFracas, Midnight Thunder Exspress, Grabbies
04 JunDepressor, Scorned, Consume, Blown To Bits
07 JunLeper Sex Killer On The Loose
08 JunRed Planet, Applicators, Hotbox, Teenage Harlots, Subtractions
11 JunElectric Wizard, Sons of Otis, Unearthly Trance
14 JunDory Tourettes and The Skirtheads, Kung Fu U.S.A., Hate Mail Express
15 JunChannel 3, Squat, East Bay Chasers, Everything Must Go
18 JunImpaled, Hoarfrost
20 JunPortrait of Poverty, Quick To Blame, Bottles and Skulls, Millhous, Dirty Thieves
21 JunHollywood Hate, Smogtown, Strychnine, Thunderfist
22 JunCattle Decapitation, Watch Them Die, Vulgar Pigeons, Severed Savior, Morbosidad, 7000 Dying Rats, Carniceria
25 JunLost Goat, Dixie Witch, Acid King, Canyon Creep
26 JunFluff Grrl, The Lincolns, Mutilated Mannequins
28 JunDayglo Abortions, Viscious, Idiots, Oppressed Logic, Staggering Young Anuses
29 JunAngry Amputees, Jack Saints, Nubs, Fracas, Aces High
06 JulChina White, Plan 9, The Dragons, The Crosstops
19 Jul400 Blows, Federation X, Bottles and Skulls, Offering to the Sun
22 JulLost Goat, Boulder, Brainoil
23 JulVengeance, Hate Fist, Aggressioncore
26 JulVictims Family, Deep Eynde, Optimist International, Mutilated Mannequins
27 JulThe Teenage Harlots, The Phenomenauts, The Radio Reelers, Dick Bob and The Nobs, The Eddie Haskels, The East Bay Chasers, The Lucky Stiffs, DJ Toby
28 JulGlamour Pussies, Grannies, Angry Amputees, Jack Saints, Scurvy Dogs
30 JulMen of Porn, Captured! By Robots, Ghoultown
31 JulFluff Grrl, Totimoshi, The Lincolns, Zipnada
01 AugThe Demonics, Slender, Down in Flames
02 AugHellbillys, Lobo Negro, Black Furies
03 AugPepperspray, Lust Killers, Blue Period
04 AugAgression, Everything Must Go, Porn Store Janitor, Texas Thieves, Catholic School Girls, Deadly Weapons
08 AugThe Stitches, The Modern Machines, Pirx the Pilot, American Pig
09 AugLos Cerveceros, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, Nubs
15 AugU.K. Subs, Duane Peters and The Hunns, Blown To Bits, Discontent
16 AugPoison Idea, Strychnine, The Idiots
24 AugStinky's Peep Show: The Glamour Pussies, Fabulous Disaster, The Nads
27 AugAsunder, High On Fire, Dead and Gone
30 AugOld Grandad, Men of Porn, Acid King, I Love A Parade
31 AugNew Wave City
07 SepStinky's Peep Show: Lost Goat, The Manscouts of America, Gamera, Pink Kross
04 OctTotal Shutdown, Burmese, Black Queen
?? Oct

Cherry Bar opened

01 NovWild Cherry: DJ Jay-R (weekly)
02 NovThe Girl Spot (weekly)
03 NovInternational Night: DJ Jose Menendez
04 NovFootball Mondays (weekly)
05 NovParadise: DJ Darral B (weekly)
06 NovDisco Kandi
07 NovPage Hodel's Skin (weekly)
10 NovAqua: DJ Grey (monthly)
11 NovShe Speaks (monthly)
20 NovCherry Pit: The Woodies
24 NovAsian Nation
27 Nov80s Night: DJ Brotha Reese
02 DecSex in the City reruns
14 DecPeppa: DJ Black, DJ Edaj, DJ Miss Leema, DJ Mongrel (monthly)
15 DecCommunity Groove: DJ Lesley "The Reverend" Abraham, DJ Ezzy Medina

14 JanSexy Singles
15 JanAngela Valley, The Maids, Jesse Brown Band
19 JanCommunity Groove: DJ Lesley "The Reverend" Abraham, DJ Ezzy Medina
20 JanOpen Mic Night
21 JanSexy Singles
22 Jan80s Drag Show
28 JanSingles night
02 FebWet Lips
04 FebPoker Night
11 FebSexy Singles
16 FebClub Skirts
18 FebSexy Singles night
19 FebSecret Janet, Slapback, Mica Lee Williams
21 FebJazz Happy Hour: DJ Switch
24 FebOpen Mic Night
26 FebPulp 80s night
27 FebVibex
02 MarWet Lips
04 MarSingles night
05 Mar80s Night
06 MarWet Dream Lesbo Burlesque
11 MarSingles night
12 Mar80s Night
16 MarCommunity: DJ Ezzy Medina
18 MarSpeed Dating
19 Mar80s Night
23 MarDJ Blaze
24 MarOpen Mic Night
25 MarSpeed Dating
26 Mar80s Night
27 MarVibex
30 MarDJ Blaze
01 AprSingles night
02 Apr80s Night
08 AprSingles night
09 Apr80s Night
10 AprDrag King Show
13 AprDJ Blaze
16 Apr80s Night
20 AprDJ Blaze
21 AprOpen Mic Night
22 AprSpeed Dating
23 Apr80s Night
24 AprVibex
25 AprFinding Stella
29 AprSpeed Dating
30 Apr80s Night
01 MayTongue Tied
06 MaySpeed Dating
07 May80s Night
09 MayAmateur Go Go night
11 MayBellini Sunday
13 MayButch Femme Speed dating
14 May80s Night
15 MayWet Dream Lesbo Burlesque
16 MayStrapp'd
19 MayGroup Therapy
20 MaySpeed Dating
21 May80s Night
22 MayAmateur Go Go night
23 MayAmateur Go Go night
25 MayBellini Sunday
26 MayOpen Mic Night
28 May80s Night
29 MaySurreal Neal
01 JunAcoustic Sunday
04 Jun80s Night
08 JunAcoustic Sunday
10 JunSpeed Dating
11 Jun80s Night
12 JunPorn Release Party
15 JunAcoustic Sunday
16 JunOpen Mic Night
17 JunGolden Gate Business Association
18 JunDekonstrukt: Noisex, Conure, Form_Virus, Abnorm, Kyron_5, Lesion, Lucretia
20 JunStrapp'd
22 JunAcoustic Sunday
24 JunTwo Stepp'n Tuesdays
25 Jun80s Night
27 JunGay Pride Friday
29 JunGay Pride Sunday
02 JulDark Sparkle
20 JulHome: DJ Patrick Wilson (weekly)
22 JulTwo Stepp'n Tuesdays
23 JulOpen Mic Night
24 JulElegant Bellydancers
25 JulDeep: DJ Motive
27 JulHome: DJ Trevor Mijares
01 AugRed Spicy Fun: DJ Black, DJ Edaj, DJ Miss Leema, DJ Mongrel
05 AugVintage Blonds, Zero Emissions Vehicle
06 AugGoth Night
08 AugDeep: DJ Motive
13 AugBootie (grand opening)
15 AugNasty: DJ Switch, DJ Twist
19 AugTwo Stepp'n Tuesdays
31 AugClub Skirts
11 SepBootie (every 2nd Saturday)
01 OctGoth Night
02 OctAce Bike Night
03 OctThe Darkest Hour
05 OctTherapy, A Big Bear Boy Party (weekly)
06 OctBoulevard
08 OctBootie
09 OctAce Bike Night
10 OctDeep: DJ Motive
13 OctBoulevard
15 OctSa Bak Gwai, The Hunks
16 OctAce Bike Night
17 OctNasty: DJ Switch, DJ Twist
20 OctBoulevard
21 OctAmee Chapman
24 OctDeep: DJ Motive
25 OctJaded
27 OctBoulevard
28 OctTwo Stepp'n Tuesdays
31 OctGalaxxy Chamber, Radio Star SF, Whipkraft, Fluff Grrl
04 NovLynn Breedlove, Storm Florez
01 DecBoulevard
02 DecGenderEnders
03 DecDirty Death Rock
04 DecFracas, DeathXDeath, Angry For Life
05 DecThe Darkest Hour
07 DecTherapy
08 DecBoulevard
10 DecBootie
11 DecThe Aphrodisiax, Poisin Jett Gunz
12 DecDeep
13 DecNaughty Santa & Ms. Nasty Claus
21 DecTherapy
22 DecBoulevard
25 DecD-Tention
26 DecNasty
28 DecTherapy
29 DecBoulevard

13 JanVengeance
22 JanAngry Amputees, Blvd. Strays
03 FebHip Hop
04 FebGenderEnders
05 FebD-Tention
06 FebThe Darkest Hour
07 FebChix
08 FebVengeance
10 FebHip Hop
11 FebBootie
12 FebD-Tention
13 FebHip Hop for Women
14 FebChix
15 FebMaul For Bears and their Friends
17 FebHip Hop
18 FebAsylum: DJ Rick A. Mortis
19 FebNonsense, Hurting Crew, Grandfather Mountain
20 FebMerengue and Hip Hop
21 FebChix
24 FebHip Hop
26 FebD-Tention
28 FebChix
04 MarFour Minute Mile, Charmless, Hijack The Disco
11 MarTriumphant Me, Feral Moan, I.O.
01 AprOwnerless Dog, The Needs, Koolie Cat
08 AprRubber Side Down, Hazey, Stereostar FM
15 AprDr. Littlehead, Chow Nasty, Kitaan
22 AprFleshies, Riot-A-Go-Go, Before The Fall, Cougar
29 AprLos Cerveceros, Mia d'Bruzzi, Goofball
06 MayTrouble Horse, Poisin Jett Gunz, The Golden Gods, Radio Star SF, The Substitutes
09 MayDekonstrukt: Combichrist, Voice Industrie, Sin, W.A.S.T.E., Kyron_5, Sarin
13 MayPink Meat
20 MayThe Dukes of Hillsborough, Altaira, Tiltwheel, Western Addiction
06 JunDekonstrukt: Imperative Reaction, Cesium 137, System Syn, Kyron_5, Sarin
29 JunThe Vex, One light Out
06 JulInspect Her Gadget
13 JulThe Electric Boogie Dawgz
20 JulIll Gotten Gainz, Sloe, Trumphant Me
02 AugThe Lincolns, The Sore Thumbs, Axes of Evil
03 AugCharmless, The Prisoners Dilemma
10 AugMisson of Ed
12 AugSecret Synthi, The Guilty Party, The Brides, Black Lemonade
24 AugInterstate
28 AugHyim and The Fat Foakland Orchestra, The People, The Marginal Prophets
29 AugSecond Date, Lipstick Conspiracy, Ex-Boyfriends
31 AugHazy, Bunny, Eddy The Rat
05 Sep5 Sounds For Life, Trip, Seven Secrets
07 SepScissors For Lefty, Jaime Wyatt
10 SepJack Killed Jill, Binky, Beware Dolls, The Doormats
12 SepMiss Kitty's Scratching Post (monthly sundays)
14 SepMonotype, Thin Acid Angel
15 SepMonotype, Thin Acid Angel, Ones And Zeros
16 SepInspect Her Gadget, Chi Chi Palace, The Cruel and The Kind
19 SepOhm Powah
22 SepSixteens, The Slow Poisoners, The Holy Kiss
28 SepPaper Street Tiger, Dynamite 8
29 SepPaper Street Tiger, Tides
30 SepKieren Cross, Raw Delux, Subrosa, Atomic Mint
01 OctCandy From Strangers, Thollen/Rivera, Urban Warrior, 8-Day Fall, Happy Meal, Rotton Core, Ninja Academy
02 OctSlinky Mix, Tribe 8, Beware Dolls
06 OctReserved 16, Face On Straight, Baily, Wil Ridge, Slackjaw
08 OctOne Hundred Suns
10 OctLast Laugh Terror Squad, Paker Street Cinema, Platickatz, Francis 8
12 OctFour Stroke Creep, The Wussies, Piss and Vinegar
13 OctOut Damned Spot, Fall In March, Rotton Core, Everything Taken
16 OctCastles in Spain, Dynamite 8, Human BBQ Wire Graffiti
19 OctEx-Boyfriends, Silence Is Safety, Sons of Obivion
20 OctAroahah
21 OctGrown, Bunny, The Jet Set
22 OctGirlfriend Expert, Frozen Chicken Patties, Beware Dolls, Sadboy Sinister, Vomica
31 OctFluff Grrl, Whipkraft, Galaxxy Chamber, Radio Star SF
01 NovYear of The Wildcat, Elict, Invisible Enemy
05 NovThe Golden Gods, Apocalipstick, Riot-A-Go-Go, Incestor
08 NovYear of The Wildcat, Nervous Breakdown
12 NovThe Bodies, The Dekoiz, Crooks, Holy Rolemodel
14 NovMiss Kitty's Scratching Post
15 NovPropel, Bobby Blades, Ghost Next Door, The Dimes, Jefferson St.
17 NovMichael's Nervous, Japanese Baby, Walken, I Wanna Kill You Fucker
18 NovCandy From Strangers, Grown, Chief Enablers, Kineto
22 NovCompton S.F., The Nads, Creepy, The Runs, Zero Mass
24 NovNatural Selection Agency, Gaviotas
25 NovBunny
26 NovDirty n' The Donuts, Autonomadic, Potty Mouth Society
28 NovWhiskey Dick Darryls, The Hooks
29 NovReagan's Memory, Capital, Holy Rolemodel, Kansas City Stars, Lee Maverick Band
01 DecLife With Jonas, Sheol
03 DecFalse Positive, Empty Rooms, Marrow
04 DecTerri Faleschini, Stacy Twigg, Company Car, The Response
08 DecAn American Tradition
10 DecJaks, Hanx, Rampage Radio, Fluff Grrl, Chix Pack, Slowfinger, Middle Class Assions, Singularity, K-D, The Bowel Tones, Uzi Tattoo
12 DecSomething For The Broken, The Firecracker Kids, The Vex, Static Revolution, Here Kitty Kitty
15 DecJapanese Baby, Radio Star SF, Metal Circus
16 DecThe Teenage Harlots, Riot-A-Go-Go, The Mouth Offs, Rawful
17 DecStomach, Fluff Grrl
19 DecBlair Hansen, Laura Beam
30 DecOne Hundred Suns, Dangling In The Tornfortia, Walken

02 JanBinky, Slinky Monx
03 JanThe Ghost of Curtis, Last Act of Man, Kevorkian Christmas Special
07 JanFlying Venus, Jomo, Route 111, Sweetheart Attack, The Davenports
09 JanToy House, Lullaby Crush, Teri F., Bryan Harrison Band
14 JanAll of A Sudden, Year of The Wildcat
23 JanMiss Kitty's Scratching Post
28 JanConvalescent Surprise, Carlos and the Frontiersmen
29 JanChannel 3, Retching Red, The Doormats, Victim Nation
30 JanJimbo Trout, Electric Boogie Dawgz, Motel Fresno, Axton Kinkaid, Ian Shaul, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society
01 FebLandline, D'Jelly Brains, The Wussies
03 FebGorilla Math, Paper Street Tiger, Bobbleheads, Atomic Mint
05 FebThe Templars, Nuts And Bolts, The Impalers, Gentleman Jim and The Lil' Bastards
09 FebMagnesium, Stiletta, Stereostar FM
11 FebThe Bodies, Smut Peddlers, Hit By A Semi, The Hollowpoints, Shotgun Facelift
16 FebOdessa
23 FebSauced, Burke, The Substitutes
01 MarIll Gotten Gainz, Air Show Disaster, Ashtray
04 MarSerene Lakes, Midnight Serenade, Empty Rooms
07 MarTry Failing, This Is Revenge, Battered Old Bird
15 MarFunkanauts
20 MarBunny, Plastination, Flatline Transmissions
27 MarMiss Kitty's Scratching Post
01 AprResistoleros, The Lincolns, Original Booty Burglars, Sweetheart Attack, Landland, Uzi Tattoo, DJ Boom
03 AprPookaholics, I.Y., The River Phoenix, 9-Volt
04 AprM.D.C., Retching Red, Katkiller, Officer Down
06 AprMudsoc, Talking To A Wall, Krang
08 AprPookaholics, Hella Fitzgerald, Power of 3, DJ Motorhead
12 AprThe Bowel Tones, The Lee Maverick Band
14 AprSputterdoll, Mishap, Hunbot, Brain Failure
15 AprThe Singularity, The Fieldmen, DJ Boom
19 AprLove=Death, The Krum Bums, The Citizens, Year of The Wildcat
20 AprLurid Bliss, Last Amanda, Sedated Republic, Were With Zeus, Shame Spiral, K9
22 AprAnaura, Four Minute Mile, Victim Nation, Bluebeard
24 AprUtter Bastards, Hep Si, The Midnight Bombers, Hardway, Trenchcoat Mafia
26 AprThe Jank, The Electric Boogie Dawgz
29 AprRoute 111, Jomo, Flying Venus, The Big Provider
24 MayOriginal Booty Burglars, Burke
29 MayDyspecific, Frozen Chicken Patties, Mystery Hangup, The Man O'Malleys
31 MayWe Are 138, Hands of Time
03 JunGunpowder
04 Jun8 Past, Stereostar FM, The Wearies, 13 Inches, All of A Sudden
05 JunThe B-Cups, Sweet Polly Pure Bred, Thee Double D's, Power of 3, Gorilla Math, Last Second
06 JunChaser, False Alliance, Shadow Boxer, Love=Death
08 JunSol Asunder, Osiris Rising, Poverty, Insanity
10 JunThe Pinche Hueros, Calination, DJ Boom
17 JunThe Trenchcoat Mafia, The Lincolns, DJ What's His Blood
24 JunForget The Jones, Final Summation, DJ Boom
29 JunThe Sore Thumbs, The Balistics, The Red Flags, Sputterdoll, Mishap
02 JulPorpoise, Depswa, Transport, Clique
03 JulSkitzo, Fluff Grrl, Poverty, Singularity, Everyday Freek, DJ Boom
05 JulHands of Time, Phil Johnson
06 JulThe Lincolns, Ludivicos Technic, Piss and Vinegar
07 JulSex Elephants, Nice Trys, Ghost Next Door
07 AugThe Nightcrawlers, The Dekoiz, Ryan Mudd and The Suff
10 AugThe Silencers
12 AugSerene Lakes, Butch Berry Band, The Morgansterns, The Empty, Jaime Wyatt
13 AugFabulous Disaster, Inspect Her Gadget, Riot-A-Go-Go
26 AugVictim Nation, Plastination, Witts End
11 SepThe Meek, Lolita, The Mandarins, Plum
25 SepMiss Kitty's Scratching Post
29 SepLee Maverick Band, Reagan's Memory, Holy Rolemodel, Kansas City Stars, Capital
11 SepThe Meek, Lolita, The Mandarins, Plum
18 OctThe Vibrators, Cellblock 5, The Lewd, The Dekoiz
05 NovParting Gift, Bastinado, The Fringe, Janesca
08 NovMegababe
09 NovWhitey On The Moon, The Cables
11 NovVictim Nation, Atomic Mint
16 NovCelebrity Govenors, Aftertaste, The Fue, Piss and Vinegar
17 NovPeskivino, Company Car, Sorrow Town Choir, The Doormats, Stranger Things
23 NovName, Goodbye Phoenix, Point Taken, Music Box Serial Killer
27 NovMiss Kitty's Scratching Post
30 NovInterstate, Fleeting Chance

?? Jan

Annie's Social Club opened

28 JanGhostland Conservatory
30 JanSoul Night
31 JanThe Lincolns, Rut Host
02 FebD'Jelly Brains, Slowfinger, Flexx Bronco
03 FebSaros, Saviours, Annihilation Time, California Love
05 FebThe Templars, Nuts And Bolts, The Impalers, Gentleman Jim and The Lil' Bastards
12 FebThe Stereo Blasters, Unkle Funky's Fabulous Flying BBQ Circus
13 FebThe Messaround: DJ Pause
14 FebDJ Red Devil Barry
16 FebStinky's Peepshow: The Moron Bros., Dead To Me, Thee Double D's
17 FebPlan 9, Ashtray
18 FebCatfight: DJ Femme Fury
20 FebThe Messaround
21 FebEmmy's Speghetti Shack 5 year Aniversary Party
22 FebGo Like This, Say Bok Gwai, Power Struggle
24 Feb400 Blows, Barfeeders, Fleshies
08 MarStrychnine, Sick On The Bus, Poop
09 MarX Tropos, Emmanuelles, Smirk
28 Mar45 Grave
30 MarAmerican Heartbreak, The Kimberly Trip
31 MarLords of Altamont, Rock n' Roll Adventure Kids, D'Jelly Brains
01 AprRubber Curtain: DJ Tommy Guerrero, DJ Gadget, DJ Toph One, DJ Doc Fu
02 AprJewdriver, The Shemps, The Mothballs
03 AprThe Messaround: DJ Soulciter
04 AprThe Hellbillys, Thee Merry Widows, Teenaage Harlots
05 AprZodiac, Death Valley, Spanking Katinka, The Flag Poles
06 AprThe Shitkickers, Whiskey Sunday, Careless Hearts
07 AprJeffrey Lee Pierce
08 AprCandysnatchers, Ironhead, Top Ten, Brutal Knights
10 AprThe Messaround: DJ Lydia
11 AprThe Spores, The Mother's Anger, Tawdry Hepburn
12 AprDJ Dutchess of Hazard
13 AprThe Bellyachers, The Morning Line, The Paper Dolls
14 AprDrunk Horse, Red Meat
15 AprFudgie's Follies and Rock 'n' Roll Burlesque
16 AprExene Cervenka and the Original Sinners, 7 Shot Screamers, Tabaltix
17 AprThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy, DJ Scott, DJ Dave
18 AprWhiskey Dick Darryls, Midnight Creeps, The Sleazies, The Twots
19 AprSpookey Ruben, My Project, Blue, The Feeling Machine
20 AprMe First and the Gimme Gimmes, Special Ed, The Homeless Sexuals
21 AprKUSF's Rampage Radio 24th Anniversary Party: Stone Vengeance, Ulysses Siren, Anvil Chorus, Embers of Euphoria
22 AprLeisure
24 AprThe Messaround: DJ Kisstopher
25 AprParchman, Farm Night, After Night, Saviours
26 AprSan Francisco Bike Messenger Benefit
27 AprRadio Reelers, The Flakes, The Sore Thumbs
28 Apr87.9FM Pirate Cat Radio Benefit: The Insaints, Deep Eynde, Dr. Frank, Grave Bros., Deluxe
29 AprDeath Rock Booty Call: DJ Stain, DJ Pink, DJ Brandi, DJ Obselete, DJ Scottish Andy
30 AprThe Earaches, Sonic Love Affair, Jukebox Zeros
01 MayThe Messaround
02 MayTodd Rigione's ToneGrown, Chords Are Dead, Addison
03 MayDJ Food Court
04 MayWilson Gil and The Wilful Sinners, T & A, Shadow Circus, Dave "Dolbro" Dalton
05 MayLa Plebe, Love Songs, King City
06 MayLil' Basatards, Sweet Leaf Boys, DJ Pause, Vin Sol
07 MayDekonstrukt: Cylab, Scrap.EDX, Exillon
08 MayThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy, DJ Dave, DJ Scott
09 MayHouse of Voodoo
10 MayEmotional Rescue: DJ Alabaster
11 MayFour Year Bender, Jeffrey Luck Lucas, Finazzo
12 MaySlick Idiot, More Machine Than Man, DJ Mitch, DJ Decay, DJ Verablue
13 MayAmerican Heartbreak, Nagg, Golden Gods
14 MayAbsinthe Academy, Inverness, Run, Run, Run, the Acutal
15 MayThe Messaround: DJ Lydia
16 MayThe Briefs, Digital Leather, Top Ten
17 MaySex Robots, The Sweet Nothings, Fauna Valetta
18 MayHastings Graduation Party: DJ Dirty Bird, DJ Kisstopher, DJ Chris
19 MayDeath Rock Booty Call: Glass Candy, Chromatics
20 MaySuicide Club
22 MayThe Messaround: DJ Kisstopher
23 MayTrainwreck Riders, Wildlife, Triclops
24 MayThe Barbary Coasters, The Fisherman, Go-Going-Gone Girls
25 MayStinky's Peepshow: Channel 3, Lucky Stiffs, Ashtray
26 MayFitz of Depression, Kalas, Jesus Fucking Christ
27 MayLeisure
28 MayJucifer, Subarachnoid Space
29 MayThe Messaround
30 MayEric Swanson
31 MayHabit Forming, Gaviotas
01 JunThe Marked Men, Radio Reelers, Test Pattern
02 JunThe Fleshies, Night After Night, Hightower
03 JunFlexx Bronco, The Excuse, The Singularity, The Departed
04 JunThe Concept, Badstrip, Overdrive A.D.
05 JunThe Messaround
06 JunLucifer's Hammer: Ghoul, Splatterhouse, Parallelogram
07 JunGearhead Magazine: DJ Big Nate, DJ Mike Lavella
08 JunHole in the Head Kickoff Party: Arnocorps, The Mutilators, The Swillerz, Boneless Children Foundation
09 JunThe Husbands, The Loosin' Streaks, The Makes Nice
10 JunThe Weary Boys, The Devil's Own
11 JunDick Dusters, Whiskey Dick Darryls, Solid Dollar
12 JunThe Messaround
13 JunThee Double D's, The Human Value, Razorblade Monalisa
14 JunImpaled, Noctuary, Exhausted Prayer
16 JunU.S. Bombs, The Sore Thumbs, The Hollowpoints, Born To Lose
17 JunDJ Dulcinea, DJ Big Nate
18 JunThe Meek, Thirty Two Ways, Fractal
19 JunThe Messaround
20 JunThe Tossers, The Lincolns, Infidels Forever, Campground
21 JunTrainwreck Riders, Chinese Telephones, Modern Machines
22 JunKalas, Drink the Bleach, Mendozza
23 JunVerbal Abuse, Annihilation Time, Stormcrow
24 JunLeisure
26 JunThe Messaround: DJ Kisstopher
27 JunEl Buzzard, Me Infecto, Floating Goat
28 JunGrannies, Bang Sugar Bang, Three Weeks Clean
29 JunStinky's Peepshow: Youth Brigade, The Cliftons, Tommy Gun and The Bullets
30 JunEverything Must Go, All-Time Highs, Shootin' Lucy
01 JulThe Husbands, The Struts
02 JulMuddy River Nightmare Band, Cobretti
03 JulThe Messaround
06 JulRosie Flores, Red Meat, Careless Hearts
07 JulThe Lewd, Fracas, The Shivs, Code 19
08 JulLa Plebe, Whiskey Dick Darryls, Psychology of Genocide
09 JulRealicide, My Doll
10 JulThe Messaround: DJ Lydia
11 JulButt Trumpet, The No-No Spots, X Tropos
12 JulDJ Mockingbird
13 Jul400 Blows, Oxbow, The Mass, Made Out of Babies, Black Elk
14 JulThe Spits, The Pets, The Jaded Fucks
15 JulBender's Staff Benefit: King City, Solid Dollar, The Paranoids, October Allied
16 JulMarshan
17 JulThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy
18 JulLight vs. Sound, Greenhouse Effect, Soul Broker
19 JulThe Slow Signal Fade, Radio Star SF, The New Centuries
20 JulThe Lowdowns, Sick and Tired
21 JulWalken, Worhorse, One In The Chamber
22 JulLeisure: This Charming Band
24 JulThe Messaround: DJ Kisstopher
25 JulThe Excuse, Overdrive A.D., White Barons, Dot.commies
26 JulEverest, Climber, Addison
27 JulStinky's Peep Show: Chixdiggit, Groovie Ghoulies, Copyrights
28 JulAll-Time Highs, Flexx Bronco, Trigger Renegade
29 JulSlough Feg, Skeletonwitch, Buried Blood
31 JulThe Messaround: DJ Deezel
01 AugO! The Joy, Writer Stationary Legs
02 AugLewee and The Regals, Fourth Year Freshman, Splitting Seconds
03 AugBadstrip, Charm School Drop-Outs, Goofball
04 AugMadame Maraschino and The Rocket Queens Burlesque Show
05 AugThe Rubber Curtain: DJ Gadget, DJ Steady P, DJ Toph One, DJ Pause
06 AugBroken Teeth, Cobretti
07 AugThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy
08 AugMark Pikerel, The Devil's Own, Jeffrey Luck Lucas
10 AugThe Golden Gods, Angel City Outcasts, Chelsea Smiles, Civit
11 AugCaptured! By Robots, I Will Kill You Fucker, Boris Minorts
12 AugSF Classic Scooter Rally: Amazing Journey
13 AugDeadbeat Dads, The Sweet Nothings, Placenta
14 AugThe Messaround
15 AugDJ Dutchess of Hazard
16 AugBurn My Eyes Art Show and Radio Birdman Listening Party: DJ Evil Justin
17 AugThe Sore Thumbs, Druglords of the Avenues, The Corruptors
18 AugA Bandwidth Shindig: Totimoshi, Year Long Disaster, Grayceon
19 AugThe Punk Rumble: DJ Spike
20 AugKegels, Unko Atama, Drunken Public
21 AugThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy
22 AugLosing All Pride, The Last Vegas, Switchblade Riot, Losing All Pride
23 AugGrass City, Sorrow Town Choir, Rickshaw
24 AugPoach Stevens, Ashkon, Jendor
25 AugTeenage Harlots, The Secretions, Thee Merry Widows, Flexx Bronco, Rock n' Roll Adventure Kids
26 AugLeisure
27 AugVerbal Abuse, Hymen Holocaust, The Lincolns, Sadboy Sinister
28 AugThe Messaround: DJ Deezel
29 AugHWY 42, Scraping For Change, Righteous Fists of Harmony
30 AugSinister Farmer's Big Machine, Mos Generator, Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra
31 AugA Single Second, The Lonely Kings, Cobretti
01 SepDr. Know, Deadfall, America's Dirty Thirtys, Ill Content
02 SepFunkside: DJ Apollo, DJ Jah Yzer, DJ Toph One
03 SepGhosthookers, Black Cloud Overlords
05 SepMidian, Parallelogram, One Hundred Suns
06 SepSolid Dollar, Dirty Sweet
07 SepThe Briggs, The Filthy Thieving Bastards, Tommy Gun and The Bullets, Nothington
08 SepEverything Must Go, Druglords of the Avenues, Midnight Bombers
10 SepAcross Tundras, Great Big Brain, Great at 8
11 SepThe Messaround: DJ Kisstopher
12 SepElwood Grace, Everest
13 SepDJ Dutchess of Hazard
14 SepPlan 9, DJ Pause, DJ Big Nate
15 SepRetching Red, The Womentors, White Barons
16 SepDemob, The Troublemakers, Whiskey Dick Darryls, All Out Attack
17 SepVomica, Officer Down, The Scrawnies
18 SepThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy
19 SepDJ Tess
20 SepGhengis Kahn, Big Bang, Kleveland, Young and Natural
22 SepThe Black Furies, All-Time Highs, The Corruptors
23 SepLeisure
24 SepThe Armitage Shanks, The Boars, OC Toons, The Razorburns
25 SepThe Messaround: DJ Deezel
26 SepA Scribe Amidst the Lions, Cervantes, Zire
27 SepS.F. Tenants Union Benefit Show: Thee Merry Widows, The Nads, Torsten Kretchzmar, Crimewave
28 SepStinky's Peep Show: Destroyer, Night After Night, Three Weeks Clean
29 SepLadies Night, The Pets, The Mothballs
30 SepMark Mallman, Mark Lutz, Everest
02 OctThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy
03 OctThe Val Papadins, Zodiac Death Valley, Spanking Katinka
04 OctDJ Pause
05 OctDecry, Verbal Abuse, Overdrive A.D.
06 OctHostility, Mudface, Crimeseen, Esbee
07 OctRiverboat Gamblers, Dead to Me Radio Reelers
08 OctCasket Life, Calcutta Bazaar, Sofakingdom
09 OctThe Messaround: DJ Kisstopher
11 OctCreepy, Splitting Seconds, So Called Tragedy
12 OctProudflesh, American Heartbreak, Cobretti
13 OctThe Grannies, Fabulous Disaster, Hollycocks
14 OctThe Boars, The Snakebites, Rollercoaster
15 OctGonzo's Birthday Bash: The Hooks, Druglords of the Avenues, The Departed
16 OctThe Messaround
17 OctGreg Ashley, Polly Panic, Darlings of the Lo-fi
18 OctGrayceon, Black Elk, The River Runs Black
19 OctLords of Altamont, Black Furies, The Corruptors, White Barons
20 OctCookie Mongoloid, Texas Thieves, Kitten on the Keys, Love Songs
21 OctNight Beat: DJ Pink Panzer, DJ Primo
22 OctJewdriver, The Hollowpoints, The Kegels
23 OctThe Messaround
24 OctHouse of Voodoo: Seraphim Shock, Black Snake Moan
25 OctOuija Radio, Sergeant, Fresh Kills
26 OctStinky's Peepshow: Fitz of Depression, The Greatest Hits, Top Ten
27 Oct45 Grave, Trashlight Vision, Fracas
28 OctLeisure
30 OctThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy
31 OctHightower, Barfeeders, Red Fang, Ezee Tiger
01 NovPlanting Seeds, Star Fist, Sitting Duck
02 NovRut Host, Texas Thieves, Officer Down
04 NovThe Heartaches
07 NovLucifer's Hammer: Ares Kingdom, Hacksaw to the Throat, Arise
08 NovLovedrug, Brandtson, The Myriad
09 NovSwingin' Utters, The Silencers, Ladykillers
10 NovAlcoholocaust: Agression, Ribzy, The Twots, The Jaded Fucks
11 NovThe Wobblies, Officer Down
12 NovThe Trucks, Brat Attack
13 NovThe Messaround
14 NovThis Is My Fist, Tiltwheel, Vena Cava, Off With Their Heads
15 NovThe Touch Me Nots
16 NovStinky's Peepshow: Midnight Bombers, Love Songs, Bevelacqua
17 NovMondo Porno, Wilson Gil and The Wilful Sinners, Tell Tale Heartbreakers
18 NovNight Beat
19 NovMy Revolver, The UV's, Jonny Manak and The Depressives, The Scrid Hunters
20 NovThe Messaround
21 NovThee Merry Widows, Zombie Ghost Train
24 NovThe Excuse, Cobra Skulls, Turtle Heads
25 NovLeisure
27 NovThe Messaround
28 NovDJ Drunk Yosh
29 NovAnnie's Birthday Show: The Frisky Frolics
30 NovPepperspray, Rubber Side Down, Absinthe Boy
01 DecEyeball's Birthday Party: The Crosstops, La Plebe, Vomica
02 DecRubber Curtain: DJ Gadget, Toph One, Tommy Guerrero
04 DecThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy & Co.
05 DecDJ Dulcinea
06 DecKrumpus Nacht: Brown is My Favorite, Hydrogen Babies, The Matinees, Electric Boogie Dawgz, Kit Ruscoe
08 DecPorkchop Express, The Pine Box Boys, The Devil's Own
09 DecNo Alternative, The Lewd, Naked Lady Wrestlers
10 DecSpike's 50th Birthday Party: The Twots, Super Secret Local Band, Kitten on the Keys, Fabulous Disaster, The Runs
11 DecThe Messaround: DJ Kisstopher
12 DecAlabaster Adams, Scott Gabriel, T & A, Fonaz, Tiny Pine Box, Julie Zee
13 DecThe Mass, Madraso, Walken
14 DecBenders Christmas Party: Dick Dusters, The Paranoids, Corruptors
15 DecRampage Radio Listener Appreciation Party: Hirax, Hallows Eve, Ulysses Siren, Horn of Dagoth
16 DecNightbeat: DJ Pink Panzer, DJ Primo
18 DecThe Messaround: DJ Jeremy & Co.
19 DecOvipositor, Zero Mass, Shinobu
20 DecBlack Moon Ritual, Waxy, Jack Deville
21 DecSean's Birthday Party: All-Time Highs, White Barons, Solid Dollar, DJ Lush Yosh
22 DecHoneycut, Sugar and Gold, Hard Place, DJ Kitty
23 DecLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
28 DecModern, Holy Fools, Likewise, Lurid Bliss
29 DecAbsinthe Boy, The Hollycocks, Bite
30 DecThe Vaticans, Giant Haystacks, Dave Dalton the Pastor, DJ Fast Eddy
31 DecHarold Ray, Red Meat, Burning Embers

02 JanThe Messaround: DJ Deezel
03 JanBS Boys: DJ Brian, DJ Sam
04 JanFederation X, The Makai, Scarecrow
05 JanTeenage Harlots, This Is My Fist, Ashtray, Young Offenders
06 JanEl Dopa, Saros, Stormcrow
09 JanPedro Norte, Megan March, Gabriel, Julie Zee
10 JanPteradon, The Cherry Tempo, Foma
11 JanFlexx Bronco, Absinthe Boy, Black Moon Ritual
12 JanAnnie's 1 Year Anniversary Weekend: The Stitches, The Applicators, Texas Thieves
13 JanAnnie's 1 Year Anniversary Weekend: The Chop Tops, Badstrip, The Scrawnies
14 JanAnnie's 1 Year Anniversary Weekend: The Whoreshoes, The Pinks, Loretta Lynch
16 JanDJ Russell Quan
17 JanHollowpoints, The Kegels, Lewee and The Regals, The Nihilists
18 JanBombshell Betty and The Haute House Burlesque Revue
19 JanIain Deaderick's Birthday Party: Midian, Grayceon, One Hundred Suns, DJ Rob Metal
20 JanNightbeat: DJ Pink Panzer, DJ Primo
21 JanCari Lee and The Saddle-ites
23 JanDJ Tess
24 Jan"Lennefit" Benefit Show for Lenn Rokk: One In The Chamber, Fracas, Jesus Fucking Christ
25 JanCapitalist Casualties, Hatchet, Beverly Beer Bellys, Amateur Death Photos
26 JanSaviours, California Love, Scarecrow, Drain the Sky
27 JanEverything Must Go, Midnight Bombers, Inferno of Joy
28 JanSaros, Frozen In Amber
30 JanJuanita Family, Everest, The Trade
31 JanTommy Gun and The Bullets, The Darlings, Blacklist Royals
01 FebCheetah Speed, Slowfinger, Honeydust
02 FebDr. Know, Psychosomatic, The Generators, Ill Content
03 FebLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
06 FebDJ Deezel
07 FebThe Bloody Hollies, The Sermon, Ari Shine
08 FebThe Kegels, The Sweet Revenge
09 FebWalken, Gargantula, Embers
10 FebThe Bobbyteens, The Flakes, Apache, The Mothballs
11 FebThe Bay Six, Pat Johnson, Howlin' Hounddog
13 FebOl' Cheeky Bastard, Dave of Cellblock 5, Ryan Smith, Megan March, Tiny Pine Box, Julie Zee
14 FebThe Loved Ones
15 FebThe Tell Tale Heartbreakers, The Love Me Nots, The Cult of Sue Todd
16 FebBorn Dead, Stormcrow, Hatchet, Bad Reaction
17 FebNightbeat: DJ Pink Panzer, DJ Primo
18 FebBlack Moon Ritual, Midnight Bombers, Shockbox
20 FebThe Chop, Form and Fate, Caravael
21 FebJucifer, The Dick Dusters, Bite
22 FebBenefit for Question Mark: SLA, The Flakes, Harold Ray, The Impediments, DJ Chris O.
23 FebThe Fleshies, Razorburns, Jaded Fucks, Bike Fight
24 FebKyrsten and Danny B's Going Away Party: Mongoloid, The Barfeeders, Death By Excess, MC Blag
25 FebBenefit for Molly Ringworm: Dolf Lundgren, Hep Si, The Sweet Nothings, Self Inflicted, Life Without
27 FebThe Return of The Messaround
28 FebThe Cock-Ts
01 MarThis Bike is a Pipe Bomb, The Departed, Bananas, Set List
02 MarGo-Going-Gone Girls, Her Grace the Duchess, The Struts
03 MarLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
04 MarNoise Pop Film Afterparty
06 MarDialectic, Antioquia, hiwatters
07 MarJoe Lee's 40th Birthday: Slowfinger, The Crosstops, The Corruptors
08 MarThe Paranoids, Foreign Telegram, Atomic Love Bomb
09 MarThe White Barons, I Walk the Line, Thunder Boys
10 MarRed Meat, Dave Gleason's Wasted Days, The Moore Brothers
11 MarLucifer's Hammer: Insect Warfare, Noizeear, Wastoid, Arise, Alta Mira, Self Inflicted
13 MarAlabaster Adams, Dagan, Adam Z, Cary Head, Julie Zee
14 MarDJ Mike Gabriel, DJ Dave Leonard
15 MarThe Husbands, Pure Country Gold, Mercy Mercy
16 MarSocial Unrest, Verbal Abuse, Deadfall, Anti-Social
17 MarNightbeat: DJ Pink Panzer, DJ Primo
18 MarRebels Advocate, The River Runs Black, Hollowhed, World Eaters
21 MarEzee Tiger, The Lesbians
22 MarThe Kegels, Unit Breed, Neverending Party
23 MarStill Flyin', Dear Nora, The Zebras, Loyal Sons and Daughters
24 MarFlexx Bronco, Black Moon Ritual, The Snakebites
25 MarCari Lee and The Saddle-ites
27 MarKit Ruscoe, Electric Boogie Dawgz, Aimee Porter
28 MarMichael Dean Damron and Thee Loyal Bastards, Kleveland, The Devil's Own
29 MarCirkus Burzurkus A Haute House Burlesque Revue
30 MarPopulation Reduction, Ghoul, Abscess
31 MarBenefit for Tina Sullivan: Destroyer, All-Time Highs, Heathen, Ulysses Siren, Trigger Renegade, DJ Rob Metal
01 AprShip of Fools Annual Aries B-day Party: DJ Motley Cruz, DJ Lush Yosh, DJ Alabaster Adams
04 AprThe Lovers, Fauna Valetta, Songs for Snakes
05 AprThe Sweet Nothings, The Chop, Mania, The Countless Others
06 AprThe Village Piss, Peligro Social, Deadfall, Born Dead
07 AprLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
08 AprFour Year Bender, London Street
10 AprBartender Night: The Van Ness Gamblers, Finazzo, Pedro Norte, Julie Zee, Hobie and Peckerwood
11 AprReturn to Mono, Crayonsmith, Lemurians
12 AprAddison, Cousin Dale, Fujiko-Chan
13 AprLudicra, Gargantula, One Hundred Suns, DJ Rob Metal
14 AprThe Grannies, Everything Must Go, Badstrip
15 AprBenefit For Aids Lifecycle 6: The Sick, Los Banos, DJ Toph One, DJ Jef Leopard, DJ Ice Cream Lopez
17 AprNational Cycle Messenger Championship Fundraiser: Escalade, Sterling Says, Storm at Sea
18 AprThe Hooks, The Sore Thumbs, The Johns
19 AprCatheters, Mass Grave, Voetsek, Population Reduction
20 AprLa Plebe, Cobra Skulls, Nothington, Beercan
21 AprNightbeat: DJ Pink Panzer, DJ Primo
22 AprKathleen Kelly's 50th Birthday Party: Weathly Whore Entertainment, Psychology of Genocide, The Womentors, The Nubs
24 AprDiskonto, Doomsday Hour, Deathtoll, Fix My Head
25 AprKUSF's 30th Birthday Show: Polkacide, Hank IV, Pineapple Princess
26 AprA Benefit for Bill: Three Weeks Clean, Die Sister Die, Inferno of Joy, Hi-Nobles
27 AprJackpine Spring Fling: Ian Moore, The Parker Bros., Jackpot
28 AprMemphis Murder Men, Harrington Saints, Those Unknown, Jack Deville
29 AprThe Girlfriend Experience, Bettie Black, Quino Groove, Lady Monster, The Indra, Kellita
01 MayMatt Strickland, Alden, Julie Zee
02 MayWomansworth, Leavenworth, Perro Caliente, Core of the Coalman
03 MayBeltfed, The Lincolns, Johnny Manak and the Depressives
04 MayMoonshine, Knuckle Up, Stigma 13, Before 20
05 MayLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
06 MayHammerlock, K9, DJ Tobias
08 MayLords of Altamont, Babies on Fire, DJ Eric Moffat
09 MayBig Nate's Super Happy Hour: DJ Big Nate
10 MayJenn's Birthday Show: The Kegels, Antagony, DJ Niklas
11 MayMercy Mercy, Absinthe Boy, The Majestys
12 MayKevin's Birthday Show: The Corruptors, The Dick Dusters, King Loses Crown
13 MayVerbal Abuse, Jesus Fucking Christ, Death By Excess, Officer Down
15 MayDJ Deezel
16 MayThe Time Flys, The Jungles, High School, The Impediments
17 MayStatutory Grape, Isabellas, Skeleton Television, Jack Spade
19 MayNightbeat: DJ Pink Panzer, DJ Primo
22 MayTwo Headed Spy, Hunt Club, The Mother Eggs
23 MayPuppies and Ponies, The Front
24 MayThe Cock-Ts
25 MayThe Flakes, Knights of the New Crusade, Thee Double D's, The Teutonics
26 MayLa Fraction, Eskapo, California Love
27 MayWhite Barons, Mystery Pissers
29 MayGowns, Valet, White Rainbow, Ghosting, Womansworth
30 MayNothington, Cobra Skulls, The Excuse, New Tomorrow
31 MayOvipositor, The Atomic Bomb Audition, Chords Are Dead
01 JunFlexx Bronco, Splitting Seconds, Charm School Drop-Outs
02 JunLeisure
03 JunWest Memphis Three World Awareness Day and Benefit: Inferno of Joy, Absinthe Boy, The Bleeder Project
06 JunBenefit for Christian and Michelle: Cullan's Hound, The White Barons, The Hooks, DJ Jake
07 JunSweet Nothings, Sex Robots
08 JunFabulous Disaster, Compton S.F., The Scrawnies
09 JunBenefit Show for Protect: Barfeeders, Triclops, Wildlife
10 JunJohnny Dilks and His Country Soul Brothers
12 JunTrevor Childs, Leslie Dean, Dana Carmel, Alabaster Adams
13 JunMemphis Murder Men, Stellar Corpses, Corpse Show Creeps
14 JunHigh School, The Nightslaves, Babies on Fire, The Eegos
15 JunBottom, Tarrakian, Death By Excess
16 JunNightbeat
17 JunAgression, Shattered Faith, D.I., Oppressed Logic, Midnight Bombers
19 JunRock n' Roll Adventure Kids, Dick Dusters, Unconditional Loathing, SARS
20 JunFull Frontal Assault, Permanent Black, Psychology of Genocide
21 JunThe Struts, The Boars, The Barbary Coasters
22 JunNikkie Corvette and The Stingrays, The Makeout Party, The Little Girls, DJ Tina
23 JunWilson Gil and The Wilful Sinners, Barfeeders, Officer Down, Diesel Finger
24 JunThe Mutilators, The Sawyer Family, The Jim Rowdy Show
26 JunThe Quilts, Chaz, The Media
27 JunBlowie, The Hi-Nobles, The Mantles
28 JunThe Downfalls, Blue Mire, Pollux
29 Jun45 Grave, The Tell Tale Heartbreakers, Texas Thieves
01 JulThe Paranoids, Crystal Antlers, The Ferocious Few
03 JulBorn Dead, T.V. Evangelists, DJ What's His Fuck, DJ Will
05 JulDJ Brett Lynch, DJ High Yellow
06 JulBimbo Toolshed, All-Time Highs, Seize The Night
07 JulLeisure
10 JulThe Peelers, Die Sister Die, The Freak Accident
11 JulThee Hangmen, The Heart Attack, Slowfinger
12 JulFracas, The Teenage Harlots, The White Barons
13 JulRide the Blinds, Dave Gleason's Wasted Days, Plain High Drifters, DJ Lenny, DJ Squeaky
14 JulSaros, Lux Nova Umbra Est, Manslaughter, Human Anomaly
15 JulLapush, Little Yellow Perfect, Tremble Low
17 JulInca Ore, Core of the Coalman, Some Dark Holler, Treasure Nest
18 JulKing Loses Crown, Jack Deville, Gaviotas
19 JulThe Lucky Stiffs, OCD, The Razorburns, The Last Hope, Miss Lead
20 JulMissionary Position, Cheyne Stokes
22 JulTippy Canoe and The Paddlemen, Uni and Her Ukulele, The Corner Laughers
25 JulAbrupt, Bison, Death By Excess
26 JulThe Chop Tops, The Mutilators, Beercan
27 JulNice Boys, The Makes Nice, Apache, High School
28 JulOld Grandad, Gargantula, Floating Goat
29 JulSolid Dollar, Jason Finazzo
01 AugLive Evil, The Val Papadins, Kaputnik
02 AugChrist On Parade, Born Dead, Annihilation Time
03 AugGo Betty Go, Fabulous Disaster, The Departed, High School
04 AugLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
05 AugSeize The Night, Autumn Sara, A God Amongst Men, The Great Divorce
07 AugJulie Zee, Gabriel, Muddy Juarez
08 AugMachine Gun Vendetta, No Nothing Party, Final Summation
09 AugThe Pets, Female Troubles, Shootin' Lucy
10 AugBroken Teeth, American Dog, Infested
11 AugThe Sermon, The Bloody Hollies, The Vaticans
12 AugThe Moors, Deluxe, Sound and Shape, Will Harrison and The Crow Canyon Band
14 AugMichael Andrews, Gnarly Rips
15 AugThe Boars, The Reaction, Thee Double D's
16 AugTruck Stop Kim, Black Widows, Harvey Cartel, Lurid Bliss, Grooming the Crow, Shanti Sankar, DJ Dan Della Rippa
17 AugWalken, Scarecrow
18 AugDrain the Sky, Buried Blood, Tarrakian
19 AugLout, Zodiac Death Valley, Jason Finazzo
21 AugSuburban Hostage, Crimewave
22 AugKoffin Kats, Sik Luv, Switchblade Riot
23 AugHollowpoints, Cobra Skulls, The City, Waste-Side Rats
24 AugOakhelm, Grayceon, Elk, DJ Rob Metal
25 AugG.G. Elvis and the T.C.P., Texas Thieves, Lab Disaster, XXX
26 AugClub Debauchery: Jenny Fake, Miz Margo, Femme Fury
28 AugThe Bloodclots, The Lincolns, Unko Atama
29 AugEverest, The Crazies Will Destroy You, The Reverse, The Media
30 AugJack Deville, Burn Disciple, Thunder City
31 AugThe Corruptors, Cobetti, Bite, Plastic Saints
01 SepLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
02 SepThe Excuse, Trashed Idols, New Tomorrow
05 SepThe Saturday Morning Specials, Thee Good Lookin' Corpses, Always and Glady, Humpfur
06 SepGirl in a Coma, The Randies, Turbonegra, The Cruel and The Kind
07 SepDave Gleason's Wasted Days, Mike Therieau Band, The Family Arsenal, DJ Eric Shea
08 SepThe Mutilators, Los Dryheavers, The Devolvers
09 SepBlack Cobra, One Hundred Suns, Samothrace, The Makai
11 SepM.D.C., Instant Asshole, Jewdriver, No Thanks,
12 SepDJ Brett Lynch, DJ High Yellow
13 SepA Haute House Burlesque Revue
14 SepThe Grannies, The Nightcrawlers, Ed Mudshi, ADHD
15 SepMerciless Death, Scarecrow, Passive Aggressive, Santhai, DJ Rob Metal
16 SepThe Vaudevilles, The Gallows, Undertaker and His Pals, Vic and His Little Blue Pills
18 SepDJ Deezel, DJ Another Jerk
19 SepDoomsday Device, Zodiac Death Valley, The Stone Foxes, Mishka Shubaly
20 SepHoods, Psychosomatic, Massacre Time, Hollowhed
21 SepCarlos's Birthday: The Struts, The Up and Down, The Discontinued Models
22 SepThe Johns, The Hooks, Sassy
23 SepApiary, Seize The Night, Blues, Left of Christ
24 SepHigh School, The Impediments
25 SepLittle Yellow Perfect, The New Loud, Modern,
26 SepMagic Christian, The Blank Stares, The Nervous Tics, DJ Suepurrr
27 SepUnholy Grave, Insect Warfare, Stormcrow, Aldebaran
28 SepMudsoc, Stunt Double, The Hacks, GG Tananka's Electric Band
29 SepCount Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, Guitar Zeroes, King City, D'Jelly Brains
30 SepClub Debauchery: Veil Veil Vanish, DJ Justin
02 OctNothington, Fake Problems, Cobra Skulls, The Excuse
03 OctAlden, Fern, Julie Zee, Amy
04 OctThe Dick Dusters, Murdervan, Lucabrazzi
05 OctThe Guilty Hearts, Traditional Fools, The Boars, Del Lames, Savage Ones
06 OctLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
10 OctWifey, Lurid Bliss, Tribe of Shadows
11 OctFloating Goat, Dragged by Horses
12 OctThe Neat, Luxury Sweets, The Spurts
13 OctAge, Stormcrow, Peligro Social, Dopecharge
14 OctDisastroid, The Media, Blue Mire
16 OctIan Moore, Mike Therieau Band
17 OctThe Hermans, Borstal Holiday, The Gilded Age
18 OctBlack Moon Ritual, Kehoe Nation, Kings Loses Crown
19 OctEverything Must Go, Fracas, Killing California, Super Buick
20 OctJim Rowdy Show, The Chop Tops, The Scrawnies
21 OctGordonzola's B-day Bash
23 OctJeffery Luck Lucas, T & A, Keep Sweet
24 OctCatheters, Wojczech, Holy Shit, In Disgust
25 OctThe Corruptors, Sweet Machine, Proudflesh, Cheapskate
26 OctPunk Rock Cover Band-o-Rama: Bitchfits, XXX, Turbonegra, The History Lesson
27 OctLaudanum, Drain the Sky, World Eater
28 OctClub Debauchery's Halloween Ball: DJ Helena, DJ El D
29 OctThee Merry Widows, The Dead Vampires, Undertaker and His Pals
30 OctTell Tale Heartbreakers, Death Valley High, Red Voice Choir, Plastic Saints
31 OctThe Phenomenauts, The Go-Going-Gone Girls, The Impalers
01 NovRoz Rezabek and the Punk Legends, U.X.A, Bite
02 NovRide the Blinds, Four Year Bender, The Second Cousins
03 NovLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
04 NovWire Graffiti, Dynamite 8, Shockbox, The Razorburns, The Scrawnies, The City
06 NovFinal Summation, Hot Heresy, Scarred, Get Dead
07 NovThe Phantom Rockers, The Harrington Saints, The Memphis Murder Men
08 NovThe Pleasure Kills, The Blank Stares, The Impediments
09 NovThe Cock-Ts
10 NovThe Battle Of The Sexists: The Mentors, The Womentors, Torg, Fluff Grrl
11 NovJessie Deluxe, The Gibbs, Hedgehog
13 NovJim, Bill, Varsh, 33 1/3, Tanker, KVP
14 NovThe Singularity, The Underclassmen, The Haymakers
15 NovThe Hellbillys, Dreadful Children, The Secretions, Unko Atama
16 NovArnocorps, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, Goofball
17 NovThe Resurrection, Absinthe Boy, Mos Generator
18 NovThe Lincolns, Officer Down, The Anti-Bodies, Rosewater Law
20 NovDJ Deezel, Another Jerk
21 NovEverything Must Go, Flexx Bronco, Shootin' Lucy
23 NovWartrash, Definger
24 NovThe Hollowpoints, Dirty Tactics, The Kegels
25 NovClub Debauchery
27 NovYes Alexander, Jo Boyer
28 NovGirls With Guns, Black Dream, Statutory Grape
29 NovFauna Valetta, Horses
30 NovAnnie's Birthday Bash: La Plebe, The Heartaches, Texas Thieves, The Hollycocks
01 DecLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
02 DecBig Eagle, Mountain Bride, The Sarees, Pete from Devil Makes Three
05 DecDynamite 8, The 13th Victim, The Singularity, Final Summation
06 DecKrampusNacht: Kit Ruscoe, Deepest Purple, Pussyfinger, Rattlesnakes, Clutch Bone
07 DecThe Black Furies, Hellbillys, Everything Must Go, King Loses Crown
08 DecFueled By Fire, Scarecrow, Hatchet, Arise, DJ Rob Metal
11 DecThe Shondes, Little Teeth, Lipstick Conspiracy
12 DecA Wilhem Scream, The Flatliners, Nothington, Hot Heresy
13 DecThe Fourfits, Slowfinger, Orchid
14 DecBrent Wilson, The Boars, Jonny Manak and The Depressives
15 DecSean turns 40: The Bloody Hollies, The Rock n' Roll Adventure Kids, Nervous Tics, The Meat Sluts
16 DecPost Ventura, Rattlesnakes, Stone Foxes
18 DecThe French Thinkers, Roger Rocha and the Goldenhearts, Microfische
19 DecGene Taylor Blues Band, Plain High Drifters
20 DecBye Bye Blackbirds, The Parties, Highhorse
21 DecBlack Cobra, Totimoshi, It's Casual, Secret Fun Club
22 DecRobb Green's B-day Blowout: DJ Aaron Jae, Aaron Pope, Ernie Trevino, Jen Woolfe, Mozaic, Raedeus
27 DecInferno of Joy, Death Valley High
28 DecG.G. Elvis and the T.C.P., Midnight Bombers, Druglords of the Avenues, Jaded Fucks
29 DecOfficer Down, The Scrawnies, Los Dryheavers, The Hardway
30 DecClub Debauchery: DJ Justin, DJ Cle Aklin
31 DecNew Wave City

02 JanDJ Lush Yosh, BT Sean K
03 JanDJ Deezel, Another Jerk
04 JanLeft Alone, Cobra Skulls, Black Rose Phantoms, Final Summation
05 JanLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
09 JanSkeleton Television, Year of The Wildcat, Tomorrow Men
10 JanLaudanum, Stormcrow, Man the Conveyors, World Eater, DJ Rob Metal
11 Jan2 year Anniversary: The Grannies, Texas Thieves, Dead Ringers, Unko Atama, Birthday Party
12 Jan2 year Anniversary: Viva Hate, Druglords of the Avenues, The Memphis Murder Men
13 JanLive Evil, Perfect Machines, Protoman
15 JanComedy Speakeasy: Kevin Munroe, Arthur Gaus, Jay Starr, Chris Garcia
16 JanBook of Black Earth, The Funeral Pyre, Aplary, Embers, DJ Rob Metal
17 JanThe Lincolns, Bite, The Blameshifters
18 JanCretaceous, P.A.W.N.S., You Die
19 JanThe Corruptors, October Allied, We Pick You
20 JanGrand Invincible, Trunk Dank, Skuzz, Conceit, DJ Pause, Toph One
22 JanGo Cart Mozart, Sean O'Brien and His Dirty Hands, The Hemlock Diaries
23 JanThe Kegels, Switchblade Riot, Reform, Jim Varney's Personal Hell
24 JanWalken, Trigger Renegade, DJ Rob Metal
25 JanSecond Opinion, The Lewd, In Liars We Trust, Stiff Jeans
26 JanThe Symptoms, The Up and Down, The Meat Sluts
27 JanClub Debauchery: DJ Fact.50, Astral
29 JanThe Crazies Will Destroy You, The Roman Numerals, The Cult of Sue Todd
30 JanSlow Burning Lights
31 JanHorn of Dagoth, Hellhunter
01 FebSlough Feg, Lesbian, Grayceon, Space Vacation
02 FebLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
05 FebTea Elles, High Castle, Camp Followers
07 FebLes Hormones, Knights of the New Crusade, Traditional Fools
08 FebAngel City Outcasts, Druglords of the Avenues, Whiskey Rebels, The 86'd
09 FebPirate Cat Radio Benefit: American Professionals, Turbonegra, blEEv, Alphabet, KC Jiang
12 FebZoroaster, Sourvein, Floating Goat
13 FebT & A, Hobie and Peckerwood, Thee Good Lookin' Corpses
14 FebWhite Barons, The Dick Dusters, Orchid
15 FebSteve E Nix and the Cute Lepers, The Pleasure Kills, Nervous Tics, DJ Big Nate
16 FebWhores of War, Psychology of Genocide
17 FebDeath Valley High, The Sundance Kids, The Pentacles, Room For a Ghost
19 FebDr. Know, Inhaste, Cobretti, Dead Ringers
20 FebDisastroid, Big Blue Whale, Sister Grizzly
21 FebShameless: DJ Donna Matrix, Carbon Community, Robb Green, Bassben
22 FebBirushanah, Drain the Sky, Grayceon, My Last Day On Earth
23 FebThe Grannies, All-Time Highs, Flexx Bronco, The Resurrection
24 FebDebauchery: DJ Fact.50, Mercy Mercy
26 FebAmir Assad, Highhorse, The Blue Mire
27 FebGirl in a Coma, Perfect Machines, Killola
28 FebLucifer's Hammer: Decrepit Birth, Insidisous Discrepancy, Bled, Embryonic Devourment
29 FebCheetah Speed, Thee Emergency, Zodiac Death Valley
01 MarLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
02 MarMarshall Cantrel, Xeno, Oaklander
04 MarDJ Deezel, Another Jerk
05 MarMagic Christian, The Hi-Nobles, The Barbary Coasters
06 MarFloating Goat, The Devil and the Sea, Dalton
07 MarWalken, Red Fang, Hightower, Birthday Suits
08 MarTokyo Decadence, Absinthe Boy, Saints of Ruin, Inferno of Joy
09 MarThe Family Arsenal, Everest, The Blue Mire
12 MarSpecial Ed, Pink Elephants, Olehole, The Jaded Fucks
13 MarPollux, Pacific Ocean Fire, Sady and the Availables
14 MarTarrakian, Orb of Confusion, Paranox, Cretaceous
15 MarDesolation, Atakke, Fed Up, Killed by Scenesters, Wartrash, Acephalix
16 MarOfficer Down, Fight Before Surrender, The Translators
19 MarWithered, Embers, Elk, Cormorant, DJ Rob Metal
20 MarAdaptor: DJ Jen Wolf, Dingdong, Robb Green, DJJD
21 MarTriclops, Lozen, Alex Koll, Turks
22 MarThe Flakes, Jonny Manak and The Depressives, The Earaches, Holy Name Dropouts
25 MarThe Coast, Yes Alexander, The French Thinkers
26 MarRattlesnakes, Seven Stories, Falling, Hot Farm
27 MarGet Dead, Trashed Idols, Los Dryheavers, Corrados
28 MarMOD, Impaled, Attitude Adjustment, Hellhunter
29 MarLucifer's Hammer: Asunder, Midian, Indian, Blckwvs
30 MarDebauchery: DJ Fact.50
01 AprGooferman, Forrest Day, DJ Salaam
02 AprDJ High Yellow, DJ Sam
03 AprLow Sea Roar, Ringo Deathstarr, Sleepover Disaster
04 AprKehoe Nation, Slowfinger, Hellbound Glory
05 AprLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
09 AprDellpub SF, The Hysterians, The Be Neats
10 AprGhost Hooker, Burn Disciple, Million Dollar Itch, Thunder City
11 AprThe Anti-Nowhere League, Angel City Outcasts, The Hollowpoints, Get Dead, DJ What's His Fuck
12 AprCrime, The Departed, Nervous Tics
16 AprComedy Speakeasy: Emily Heller, Alec Jones, Amir Maekpour
17 AprToday Is The Day, At All Costs, Complete Failure, Damweevil
18 AprThee Merry Widows, The Knockouts, Teenage Harlots, The Secretions, The Badmen
19 AprExtreme Noise Terror, Self Inflicted
20 AprDreaming Dead, Horn of Dagoth, Necrite, Fell Voices
23 AprMark Mallman, The Parker Bros., Brad Brooks
24 AprBlack Cobra, Saros, Mendozza
25 AprJewdriver, The Jack Saints, Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders, The Jaded Fucks
26 AprCount Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, Knights of the New Crusade, The Desparation Squad
27 AprDebauchery: DJ Fact.50, Jawa, Lurid Bliss
29 AprLive Evil, Orphans of Aliens, Danza Danza Danza
30 AprScene of Action, Perfect Machines, Neon Anyway
01 MayIll Ease, The Divine Feud, Carletta Sue Kay
02 MayThe Cock-Ts Beaver Smackdown
03 MayLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
04 MayThe Blank Stares, Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause
06 MaySF Standup
07 MayDawn of Ashes, We Got This Far, Cynical Mass
08 MayChris Pureka, Jo Boyer
10 MayBloodhag, Impaled, Acephalix
11 MayThe Unit Breed, Nonospot, The Funyons
13 MayDJ Deezel, Another Jerk
14 MayThe Burlesqueteers
15 MayAdaptor: DJ Aaron Jae, Moody Eva, Robb Green
16 MayThe Grannies, The East Bay Chasers, Texas Thieves, Barbie and the Hookers, U.S. Kings
17 MayBarfeeders, The Crosstops, The White Barons, The Dick Dusters
21 MayExhausted Prayer, Elk, One Hundred Suns, Addiction King
22 MayVoodoo Organist, The Vaudevilles, Undertaker and His Pals
23 MaySnakeflower, Tea Elles, Wyld Youth, DJ Duke of Winsor, Mystic Lady
24 MayDead Ringers, The Meat Sluts, Touchy Feelies, The Plastic Saints
25 MayDebauchery: DJ Fact.50, Jawa, Shiloe, Astral
27 MayTragedy, Blowback, Born Dead, Acephalix, DJ Ken Prank
28 MayIan Bjornstad, Rays Vast Basement, The Physics of Meaning, Petraovich
29 MayThe Crimson Ghosts, The LaTEENOS, The Lava Rats, Pineapple Princess
30 MayDeath of a Party, Damon and The Heathens
31 MayThe Troublemakers, The Memphis Murder Men, The Singularity
04 JunTub Ring, Grayceon, Dalton
05 JunAnother Hole In The Head kickoff party: Thee Merry Widows, Zoopy Monsters, Undertaker and His Pals
06 JunTurks, Family Curse, Say Bok Gwai
07 JunLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
08 JunElephone, Vows, Photobooth, Luxury Sweets, DJ Sugarfix
10 JunDrunken Monkey (weekly)
11 JunGeographer, Two Sheds, Friday Mile, Marabelle Phoenix
12 JunThe Funeral Pyre, One Hundred Suns, Arise, One In The Chamber, DJ Rob Metal
13 JunAngel City Outcasts, Flexx Bronco, The Chelsea Smiles, Cobretti
14 JunThe Ocean, the Intranaut, Lair of the Minataur, Giant Squid, Name
17 JunThe Dick Dusters, God's Revolver, The Beat Cops, Loom
18 JunBarbary Coast Burlesque
19 JunAdaptor: DJ Mozaic, Robb Green, Lota, Rob Monroy
20 JunLucifer's Hammer: Scarecrow, Agenda of Swine, Dismal Lapse
21 JunFarticus, Near Life, Dysrythemia
22 JunDebauchery: DJ Fact.50
25 JunRemoval, Part Time Christians, Olehole
26 JunDragstrip presents Chez Badunkadunk
27 JunBlack Furies, Destroy Everything, Dead Ringers, Grace Alley
28 JunLos Dryheavers, The Corruptors, Unko Atama, Psychology of Genocide
02 JulAlden, Jo Boyer, Julie Zee
03 JulStone Vengeance, Sentinel Beast, Outrage, Invection
04 JulThe Bruises, The Sundance Kids, The Pentacles, Victory Party
05 JulLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar, Jetset James
09 JulI Ruined You Over, The Years, Touch Committee
10 JulPerfect Machines
11 JulSaviours, The Roller, Black Cobra, Tarrakian
12 JulOfficer Down, Harrington Saints, The Wooblies, Go Like This
13 JulThe Death Rays, Inferno of Joy, Lucabrazzi
16 JulBarbary Coast Burlesque
17 JulAdaptor: DJ EPROM, Alxnder, Robb Green
18 JulTexas Thieves, The Meat Sluts, Bug Pedal
19 JulThe Generators, Naysayers, Thunder City
23 JulDora Flood, The Crazies Will Destroy You, The Family Arsenal
24 JulConvenance, Rattlehead, Reconstruction
25 JulLow Point Drains, Bite
26 JulApache, Buzzer, Welcome Home Walker, Rough Kids, DJ Sugarfix
27 JulWhat's Your Answer?! Comedy Trivia Show
30 JulSourvein, Slough Feg, Black Cobra, Walken
31 JulThe Hangmen, Switchblade Riot, Hobilly M.F., Peckerwood Slim
01 AugLa Plebe, The Lowdowns, Get Dead
02 AugLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar, Jetset James
05 AugThe Singularity, The United, Unko Atama, The Blameshifters
06 AugSlow Burning Lights, Katastraphe, Jo Boyer
07 AugThe Yes Go's, The Brothers Gross, Highhorse
08 AugYouth Brigade, The Bodies, Boats, The Nervous Tics
09 AugOctober Allied, The Up and Down, The Minks
10 AugBattle Flask, The Penny Dreadfuls, Tainth
13 AugBarbary Coast Burlesque
14 AugDeath Valley High, The Family Curse, King Loses Crown
15 AugDeb's Birthday and Graduation Party: Radio Reelers, Thee Double D's, Buzzer, Pink Elephants, DJ Carolyn Keddy, Ryan Wells, Floyd
16 AugThe Wax Museums, The Pleasure Kills, Nobunny, Airfix Kits
17 AugThe Quiet Ones, Schande, Facts on File
20 AugLeilujh, Foreign Cinema, Isabellas
21 AugAdaptor: DJ Forest Green, Dragn'fly, Tamo, Robb Green
22 AugThe Golden Gods, Mos Generator, Sunday Night Blackout
23 AugPrank Records 13th Anniversary: World Burns To Death, Iron Lung, Desolation, Needles
27 AugThe Semiconductors
28 AugThe Corruptors, Black Moon Ritual, Dalton, The Stalking Distance
29 AugTidal Wave benefit: Brocus Helm, Hellhunter, Blind Illusion, Say Bok Gwai
30 AugAnal Cunt, Anal Blast, Infernaeon, Embryonic Devourment, Arise, DJ Rob Blumpkin
01 SepMOD, Fueled By Fire, Bonded By Blood, Nihilist, ZBS
03 SepJason Finazzo, Julie Zee and Amy
04 SepHottub, Shane King, DJ Morale, Phillie Ocean
05 SepThe Kegels, The Departed, Nervous Tics
06 SepLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar, Jetset James
10 SepDisastroid, Sister Grizzly, Nobody Beats
11 SepKISS Party: Destroyer, OGOD
12 SepLove Me Nots, The Laundronauts, The Hi-Nobles
13 SepLightnin' Woodcock, Los Dryheavers, Switchblade Riot, Stagger and Fall, Jesse Morris and The Tenderloin Two
17 SepBarbary Coast Burlesque
18 SepAdaptor
19 SepDrain the Sky, Tarrakian, Lucika, Orb of Confusion
20 SepReby Rae's B-Day Bash: The Meat Sluts, Dalton, Two Timin' Hussies
21 SepRebecca Cross, Vel Texans, The Youth and Beauty Brigade
24 SepUli Roth, Blind Illusion, Sentinel Beast, Oreo
25 SepThe Reaction, Borstal Holiday, Street Eaters, The Pentacles
26 SepSlowfinger, Four Year Bender, T & A
27 SepMaldroid, Ninja Panther, DJ Rebecca Watkins, Davey Shubeck, Izzle, The Supacreep
28 SepYigaels Wall, The Depths, Exordium
02 OctLa Plebe, Officer Down, Gunner
03 OctBoom Boom Kid, Olehole, Drowning with Our Anchors, Master Volume
04 OctLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar, Jetset James
05 OctJubilee, Jo Boyer
08 OctSlow Burning Lights, Ruby Isle, Ice Cream Socialites, DJ I Am The World Trade Center
09 OctThe Penny Dreadfuls, New Tomorrow, Seize The Night, Untrust Us, Good Neighbor Policy
10 OctRide the Blinds, Hot Fogg, Hot Lunch
11 OctWalken, Mountain High, Kowloon Walled City, Loving Thunder
12 OctDaryl Shawn, Julie Zee
15 OctBarbary Coast Burlesque
16 OctAdaptor: DJ Mr. Projectile, Benchun, Robb Green
17 OctNo Alternative, The Lowdowns, Young Offenders, Dead Ringers
18 OctHeroine Sheiks, Qui, Triclops
22 OctRoom For a Ghost, Saything
23 OctLurid Bliss, Saints of Ruin, VTG, DJ Badjew
24 OctShootin' Lucy, The Black Furies, Badstrip
25 OctNostalgika
26 OctUnter Null, Burning Pixels, Cynical Mass, Left Spine Down, C/A/T, DJ Blau, Grey, Stiletto
29 OctThe Devil's Own, Michael Dean Damron and Thee Loyal Bastards, The Power of County
30 OctThe Corruptors, Slowfinger Hashishians Dalton
31 OctPolkacide, Girls With Guns, Kitten on the Keys
01 NovLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar, Jetset James
05 NovLucabrazzi, Vinsantos, Hobo Goblins, A Fashionable Disease
06 NovCalifornia Love, The Funeral Pyre, Early Graves, Embryonic Devourment, Sol Asunder
07 NovRevenge, Krieg, Morbosidad, Sumeria, Necrite, Bestial Incarnation
08 NovNew American Mob, Midnight Bombers, Inferno of Joy
12 NovThe Potholder, The Jonah Kit, The Lid
13 NovBroken Bottles, Get Dead, Stagger and Fall, The Penny Dreadfuls
14 NovThe Grannies, Steel Tigers of Death, Ashtray, Scurvy and the Pox
15 NovFloating Goat, Giant Squid, Salvador, Tarrakian
16 NovInter-changeable Hearts, Local Natives The Union Line
19 NovBarbary Coast Burlesque
20 NovAdaptor: DJ Shuey, Simple Green, Robb Green
21 NovFlexx Bronco, The Kehoe Nation, Lurid Bliss, Pistolero
22 NovSlow Burning Lights, Pollux, One Becomes One Hundred
26 NovHouse of Voodoo
29 NovDolorata, The Randies, Street Eaters
30 NovDead Ringers, The Whoremoans
03 DecThe Broads, Gitar, I Cut People, The Slow Poisoners
04 DecDrunken Monkey: King Loses Crown, Lurid Bliss, Death Valley High
05 DecThe Generators, Everything Must Go, Los Dryheavers
06 DecLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar, Jetset James
10 DecJo Boyer, Yes Alexander, Tiny Television, Julie Zee
11 DecOlehole, Bella Nova, The Soft Hands
12 DecHail Satan, Pyschosomatic, Rattlehead, Electric Funeral, Say Bok Gwai
13 DecThe Pleasure Kills, Wild Weekend, The Nervous Tics, Master Volume
17 DecBarbary Coast Burlesque
19 DecThe Barbary Coasters, The Swiss Family Skiers, Undertaker and His Pals
20 DecSkin Horse, Death By Excess, Orb of Confusion, Damweevil
27 DecUnko Atama, Horror X, Jack Saints, Lost Puppy, DJ Big Nate
31 DecThe old Annie's Cocktail Lounge presents The Penny Pinching NYE Ball: DJ Hicksmokey, Ghoulina, Terror Bull Ted, Scott Alcoholocaust, Deb Danger

02 JanFracas, She Wolves, Three Weeks Clean
03 JanLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
04 JanToiling Midgets, Clodhopper, Room For a Ghost
07 JanFloating Corpses, Pink Swastika, Dead Beats, Jealousy, Mom, Tense
08 JanThe Chelsea Smiles, The Corruptors, One After Another
09 JanGet Dead, No Red Flags, The Excuse, Dun Bin Had
10 JanShark Attack: DJ Starr, Josh Zero, Orko, DJ Braceface
14 JanBarbary Coast Burlesque
16 Jan3rd Anniversary show: The Stitches, The Lowdowns, Texas Thieves, DJ Detour Dan
17 JanEarthless, Orchid, Kowloon Walled City
18 JanPleasuremaker, DJ Zeljko, Toph One
22 JanBattle Axe, Black Moon Ritual, Ham and the Chokers
23 JanStormcrow, Iron Lung, Extortion, Lack of Interest, Cretaceous
24 JanThe Yes Go's, The B-Cups, Overdrive A.D., Looseriderz
25 JanThe Potholder, The Raggedy Anns, The Potholder
28 JanErica Lee Sunshine, Alden, Bella Somna
29 JanMission Street Stranglers, Jesse Morris and The Man Cougars, Tiny Television
30 JanMaldroid, The Pleasure Kills, Facts on File
31 JanBastard Noise, Intranaut, Dreaming Dead, Grayceon, Thousands Will Die
05 FebDzjenghis Khan, Guitar Magazine
07 FebLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
08 FebThe Memphis Murder Men, Black Dream, Stagger and Fall, The Badmen
11 FebBarbary Coast Burlesque
13 FebRadio Clash: DJ Melting Girl, Starr, Daniel Skellington
14 FebThe Wicked Mercies, The Barbary Coasters, Tomorrow Men
18 FebI've Ruined You After All These Years, The Albert Square, Touch Committee
19 FebAdaptor
20 FebOff Campus, Billy and Dolly, Trevor Childs
21 FebJapanese Baby, Dead Souls, Reptile House
25 FebHead The Naysayers, Pins of Light, Hashishians
26 FebName, Armed for Apocalypse, Horse Flesh, Litany for The Whale
27 FebTotimoshi, Embers, A Drift of a Curse
28 FebNegative Trendy, No Alternative, Naked Lady Wrestlers
01 MarKing Clarentz, The Aces, Keep Sweet
04 MarBarbary Coast Burlesque
05 MarHowlin' Hounddog, Eva Jay Fortune Band, Lout
06 MarSadistic Intent, Havok, Det'ente, Nihilist
07 MarLeisure: DJ Aaron, DJ Omar
08 MarBlack Cobra, Eternal Elysium, Dusted Angel, Damweevil
11 MarJo Boyer, The Larches, Dana Carmel
12 MarTop Ten, The Girls, The Pleasure Kills, The Obsessors
13 MarShark Attack: DJ Starr, Orko, Braceface, j.zero
14 MarSlough Feg, Brocus Helm, Salvador, Tarrakian, Sons of Oswald
19 MarHigh Like Five, Sputterdoll, Hey Young Believer, Room For a Ghost
20 MarThe Grannies, Midnight Bombers, Fracas, Flexx Bronco
21 MarArnocorps, Count Dante's Black Dragon Fighting Society, Zombies on Crack
25 MarHammer Horror Classics, Mental Hygiene, Bad Touch
27 MarLa Plebe, Everything Must Go, Druglords of the Avenues, Eskapo
28 MarFat Bottom Girls, The Meat Sluts, Dalton, The Ramonskis
29 MarMaldroid, Horror X, Boats, Dead Ringers
30 MarDefect Defect, N.N., Mundo Muerto, Suicide Bomb
01 AprGooferman, Forrest Day, Cheese Puffs
02 AprFromagique
03 AprBadstrip, New Hope for the Dead, The Redwood Plan, The American Professionals
04 AprThee Merry Widows, The Hooks, The Disciples
08 AprBarbary Coast Burlesque
09 AprKing Loses Crown, Death Valley High
10 AprShark Attack: DJ Starr, Orko, Braceface, j.zero
11 AprLos Dryheavers, Harrington Saints, Jesse Morris and The Man Cougars, The Scrawnies
15 AprRobots of Fury, Little Bridges, Scene of Action
16 AprThe Secret, Early Graves, Arise, Burns Red
17 AprThe Intelligence, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall
18 AprThe Amazing Embarrassonics
19 AprThe Nerv, Whores of War, Switchblade Riot, Rockfight, Kirby and The Hellraisers
22 AprThe New Trust, Jason Finazzo, Hanalei, Bryan Mason
23 AprFitz of Depression, The Corruptors, Anti-Panti, Perfect Machines
24 AprBlue Sky Black Death, Semiconductors, DJ Mr. Wrong, The Tourist
25 AprSpace Vacation, Floating Goat, Professor, Glitter Wizard
29 AprMount Viscious, Prize Country, Kingdom of Magic
30 AprKnights of the New Crusade, Mindless Things, Teutonics
01 MaySlowfinger, Four Year Bender, Tiny Television
02 MayThe Loins Mouth issue release party: The Jack Saints, Hashishians, Looseriderz, Black Moon Ritual
03 MaySame Sex Dictator, Flood, Thrips
06 MayArise, Rising Pain, The Aftermath, Clavo Oxidao
07 MayCoffins, Stormcrow, Laudanum, Samothrace, Futur Skullz
08 MayShark Attack: DJ Starr, Orko, Braceface, j.zero
09 MayJello Biafra and the Dick Army, Social Unrest, Ribzy, Fix My Head, The Excuse
10 MayBox Squad, B-Cups, Plastic Saints, D'Jelly Brains
13 MayBarbary Coast Burlesque
14 MayNeedles, Destino Final, Ruidos, Dopecharge
15 MayMurder Junkies, The Lewd, The Disciples, Hectic, DJ Meri St. Mary
16 May45 Grave, Steel Tigers of Death, The Grannies
17 MayPerfect Machines, Death Valley High, Peacable Jones
20 MayDesecrion, Horse Flesh, Maleficus
21 MayOfficer Down, Overdrive A.D., Street Justice, Hot Heresy
22 MayThe Hot Toddies, The Tartans, Ballboy, The Orange Peels, Bunny Grunt, Springfactory
23 MayDeke Dickerson, The Flakes, Mae McCoy and Her Western Stars
24 MayPleasuremaker, DJ Zeljko, Toph One
27 MayJo Boyer, The Fontanelle, Hanalei
28 MayMan's Red Fire, Hot Fogg, Black Moon Ritual
29 MayMystic Knights of the Cobra, Crimson Ghosts, The Undertaker and His Pals
30 MayHail Satan, Brocus Helm, Brewtallica, Oreo
03 JunAndrea Gibson, Chantelle Tibbs
04 JunKemo Sabe, 2nd Street Stompers, Little B & J
05 JunDynamite 8, Get Dead, Compton S.F., New Vice, New Hope for the Dead
06 JunCookie Mongoloid, The Hi-Nobles, I Love My Label
10 JunBarbary Coast Burlesque
11 JunJesse Morris and The Man Cougars, Poison Control, Mighty Slim Pickins
12 JunShark Attack: DJ Starr, Orko, Braceface, j.zero
13 JunInsanity, Saros, Elk, Tarrakian
15 JunAcheronian Dirge, Nihilistic Terrorist, Sodom and Gomorrah, Illuminegra
17 JunResist, Drain the Sky, Abrupt, Exile, New Earth Creeps
18 JunKajillion, Cloakwheel, Big Blue Whale
19 JunMurder of Lilies, Saints of Ruin, Lurid Bliss, Black Acacias
20 JunThe Cons, The Rising Sound, Mister Loveless, DJ DiZ
24 JunLoom, Generallismo
25 JunShootin' Lucy, The Fast Takers, Ham and the Chokers
26 JunTres Hombres XXX, Turbonegra, Dalton
27 JunTotimoshi, Dusted Angel, Black Skies, Hashishians
01 JulHWCBN, The Jack Saints, The Rocket Reducers
02 JulBombshell Betty and Fromagique
03 JulLove Songs, Unit Breed, Bad Friends, Post Honeymoon
05 JulInstant Asshole, Gutwrench, Seduce the Dead, Hükaholix, Street Justice, Short Attention Span
08 JulBarbary Coast Burlesque
09 JulJesse Morris and The Man Cougars
10 JulDestroyer, Orgasmatron, Fujiko-Chan
11 JulVTG, Slave Unit, King Loses Crown
15 JulNew Tomorrow, Hallowed Ground, Radio Crimes, Hot Heresy
16 JulThree Bad Jacks, Los Dryheavers, Moonshine
17 JulHex Dispensers, Young Offenders, Outdoorsmen, Complaints, DJ Big Nate
18 JulThe Mentors, Before I Hang, Hammerlock, The Mutilators
22 JulCarey Head, Julie Zee
23 JulHe Who Cannot Be Named, The Humaniterrorists, Sonic Negroes, Luxury Pushers, Red City Radio
24 JulMaster, Dreaming Dead, Pathology
25 JulTexas Thieves, The Corruptors, The Meat Sluts
26 JulSun of Monkey, Not For Not, Roy G Biv and the Mneumonic Devices
29 JulTop Critters, The Gibbs, Belligator
30 JulDolorata, Audrey Howard and the Misters, 2 Against 1
31 JulSabertooth Zombie, Eskapo, Sons of Oswald, Rat Damage
01 AugA Toast to Sluggo: Dirty Power, Three Weeks Clean, Man's Red Fire
07 AugFacepilot, Kowloon Walled City, Damweevil
08 AugThe Excuse
15 AugThe Iron Maidens, Oreo, Sticks and Stones
20 AugHillstomp, Slowfinger, The Brothers Comatose
21 AugVoodoo 10th Anniversary Party
02 SepEnforcer, Slough Feg, Cauldron, Holy Grail, DJ Rob Metal
03 SepJucifer, Grayceon, Flood, DJ Fanboy
04 SepSMP, Stiff Valentine, Slave Unit, DJ Geoffrey Smith, Blau
05 SepHightower, Emeralds, Bogus Tokus, Space Vacation
06 SepOld Grandad, Floating Goat, Pins of Light, Aerial Ruin
09 SepBarbary Coast Burlesque
10 SepNecrite, Fell Voices, Altar of Extinction
11 SepWelcome Home Walker, The Saucy Jacks, The Parties, Lovebuzz
12 SepThee Merry Widows
13 SepDamweevil, Mendozza, Litany for The Whale, Burns Red
17 SepTarrakian, Christian Mistress, Meow
18 SepDopecharge, Just Head
19 SepSavior, Ubik, The Hallowed In, 2frail
23 SepSinner, Sinners, Unko Atama, Horror X
25 SepOne In The Chamber, Sabertooth Zombie, Hell Hath No Fury, Waylin Jenocide
26 SepThe Grannies, The Meat Sluts, Maklak, Psychology of Genocide
30 SepHammerlock, Holley 750
01 OctThe Burlesque Bailout
02 OctWicked Mercies, The Hi-Nobles, Kitten on the Keys
03 OctDodgyfest II: Fat Bottom Girls, Sassy, The Yes Go's, The Bloody Hells, Horror X
04 OctJohn Doe, The Brothers Comatose
07 OctThe Hükaholix, Murder Practice
08 OctBite, Black Dream, Capp Street Girls, MC Meathook and the Vital Organs
09 OctFloating Goat, Dirty Power, Serpent Crown, Lovebuzz
10 OctLa Plebe, Get Dead, Compton S.F., The Keeners
14 OctBarbary Coast Burlesque
15 OctThe Family Curse, Gort, Hot Daxx, Tellurian Sleeves
16 OctEverything Must Go, The Fucking Wrath, Sabertooth Zombie, Trust Nothing
17 OctAstra, Orchid, Children of Time
18 OctBackchoo Comedy Show
20 OctThe Brothers Comatose
21 OctGet Dead, Officer Down
22 OctThe Jibbers, Lucabrazzi, The Sprains, Karate Chop
23 OctKowloon Walled City, Madraso, Lucika, Cartographer
24 OctThree Bad Jacks, The Mighty Slim Pickins, Naked and Shameless
25 OctRalph White, Gino Robair, Liz Allbee
28 OctJoe Buck Yourself, Jesse Morris and The Man Cougars, The .357 String Band, DJ Eva Von Slut
29 OctValient Thorr, Early Man, Hightower, Nihilist, DJ Rob Metal
30 OctDeath Valley High, Perfect Machines, Killola, Pinky Swear, Protoman
31 OctGoth Tribute Night: Dead Souls, The Reptile House
04 NovChantelle Tibbs, Melanie Keller, Emily Bonn
05 NovNew American Mob, Inferno of Joy, The Disciples, High and Tight
06 NovWalken, One Hundred Suns, Frontside Five, Floating Goat
07 NovLos Dryheavers, Get Dead, Stagger and Fall
11 NovBarbary Coast Burlesque
12 NovDistance From Shelter, Gnarboots, Tribe of Shadows, Noise Clinic
13 NovPsychology of Genocide, Farticus, The Nerv
14 NovCrimson Ivy, Cynical Mass, Crashfaster, DJ Neshamah, Stats, Shatter, Makita
18 NovCheetahs on the Moon, The Bodice Rippers, Sugarbutt Tiger
19 NovJudgement Day, La Fin Du Monde, Grayceon
20 NovEl Dopa, The Makai, Cretaceous
21 NovSlick 46, The Harrington Saints, The Memphis Murder Men
22 NovThe Singularity, Get Dead, Unfallen Heroes, Dun Bin Had
25 NovLaudanum, Black Ganion, Lethe, Worm Ouroboros
27 NovB-day party for Annie: The Badmen, Jesse Morris and The Man Cougars, Negative Trend
28 NovStone Vengeance, Professor, Space Vacation, Holy Grail
29 NovNebula, Dusted Angel, Radio Moscow
02 DecKing City, Mission Street Stranglers, Black Crown String Band, Pebble Theory
03 DecThe Grannies, Turbonegra, The Inoculators, The Tempramentals
04 DecLa Plebe, Nothington, The Hooks, Frankenstein L.I.V.S.
05 DecRed Meat, Drunk Horse, East Bay Grease
09 DecBarbary Coast Burlesque
10 DecThe Hi-Nobles, The Barbary Coasters, The Mindless Things
11 DecThe Flakes, C'Mon Everybody, The Blank Stares, Slowfinger, Badstrip, Kitten on the Keys
12 DecThe Struts, The Impalers, Horror X
16 DecChantigs, Misisipi Rider, Media Male, Genva Pop
17 DecOfficer Down, Street Justice
18 DecBlack Cobra, The Fucking Wrath, Moses, Pins of Light, DJ Rob Metal
19 DecThe Corruptors, The Spittin Cobras, It's Casual, Euphoric Pork
23 DecFang, No Alternative, Hard Ride
30 DecEverything Must Go, The White Barons, Jesse Morris and The Man Cougars, Unko Atama
31 DecThe end of Annie's New Year's Blowout and Good-bye Party: DJ Big Nate, BlueBlazer Irregular, Ghoulina, Deb Danger, Hicksmokey, Tess, plus Backroom Punk Rock and Schlock Karaoke

03 Aug

Qi Ultra Lounge opened

10 AugDeluxe
18 AugElegance
24 AugFree Flow Fridays: DJ Deron Delgado
31 AugFree Qi Fridays: Frenchy Le Freak, Hanik
02 OctGolden Gate Business Association Mixer
05 OctFree Flow Fridays: DJ Method
12 OctDefenseless: DJ Weapon
13 OctMixture: DJ Reflecta, DJ Louie Giovanni
26 OctDark Reflections
27 OctHalloween Ball
31 OctSweets to the Sweet
28 NovBrews to Benefit
20 DecTech Minds
21 DecFree Flow Fridays

18 JanOutlawed: DJ Sol (4th Fridays)
24 JanThe Soundry: DJ Seven, Keith Kraft, G-Spot
25 JanOutlawed: DJ Sol, Mancub
26 JanRed Lipstick: DJ Kritical, DJ Dreeezzy
02 FebMr. NYC's Finest Birthday Bash: DJ D Sharp, DJ Non Sequitur
03 FebDamn Gina: Kool Karlo, Chris Fox (1st Fridays)
05 FebBourbon St.: John Andrew, Juan Burgandy
28 FebDJ Taj
12 OctWicked Halloween: Meikee Magnetic